Brin'tac Intercedes

“Master Windu!” cried Brin’tac as he rushed out the door towards the shuttle. The Jedi were already boarding, and he could see Satchal with them looking very dejected.

Windu and the other Jedi all turned at the same time to face him. “What is it?” he asked as he looked down at the Bothan.

“Master Windu, if I might speak with you and the other members of the Council for just a moment,” said Brin’tac as he tried to catch his breath. “I think you are making a mistake forcing Satchal to return with you to Coruscant.”

“Judge we will whether the decision is right,” said Yoda. “Bounces, Satchal does between darkness and light.”

“And he expressly disobeyed us,” said Master Ki-Adi Mundi.

“That was my fault,” said Brin’tac. “I was holding him to a promise that Master Lo had made to me. He was only holding to the promise I made him keep.”

“Learn he must,” replied Yoda. “Wisdom he has not.”

“Correct me if I’m wrong,” said Brin’tac, “but isn’t a Jedi supposed to follow the Force’s guidance in every situation?”

“That is correct,” said Master Windu.

“Then how has Satchal erred,” continued Brin’tac. “Master Lo had taught me many things about the Force. I believe now that it was because he could sense that I was able to detect the Force. During this time, Master Lo constantly urged me to follow the light and stay from the darkness. He taught me to overcome my anger and rage. He taught me wisdom and patience. The only thing that Satchal did was help me to realize that I could sense the Force and use it. Master Lo did the rest.”

This seemed to cause the Jedi Council to think for a moment. Then, when they responded, it was Master Yoda that spoke. “Still, disobeyed the Council he did.”

Brin’tac tried to find the right words to say in hopes of convincing them. “Members of the Jedi Council, Satchal didn’t realize that I could sense the Force when he began to train me. I had simply asked him to teach me some basic fighting skills. It wasn’t until we started practicing that I suddenly began to feel it. During practice exercises, I was getting frustrated, and Satchal told me to just relax and not try so hard. He told me to just continue practicing and do what comes naturally. I remembered what Master Lo had said along those lines, and I took in a deep breath and started the routine. I even did a flip in the air while firing my blaster, and I got a direct hit. It was then that Satchal began to question whether I had the Force or not. After that, he began teaching me some of the basic fundamentals of the Force.”

“Train you, he can not,” said Yoda. “Dangerous this is.”

“Master,” said Brin’tac. “Tell me. Is it better for Satchal to instruct me in the Force, or is it better for me to learn the ways of the Force on my own and perhaps follow the path of the Dark Side?”

The Jedi Council exchanged glances, but remained silent. “If I did not receive any basic training at all, I might have sought after another path that would have led me to the Dark Side,” continued Brin’tac. “Satchal’s teachings were none other than those that Master Lo had taught him. How is this wrong?”

“A Jedi Master has a certain degree of control over his Padawan,” said Master Mundi. “They are wise and patient; able to instruct with confidence and certainty. Satchal is uncertain of what he teaches because he is unsure of his own path. If he were to fall to the Dark Side, he would lead you to it as well.”

“Then I will no longer train with him,” said Brin’tac. “My ways, after all, are not the Jedi ways. I am a diplomat, not a Jedi. I have no intention of becoming a fully trained Jedi. I never did. However, it might be good for me to have someone like Satchal around to keep me accountable with the Light Side of the Force.”

“For that, Geldar you have,” said Yoda. “More wise is he.”

“I understand this,” said Brin’tac, “but Satchal is a closer friend, and I trust him more. Members of the Jedi Council, all I ask is that you give Satchal another chance to prove himself. He will not fail you.”

The council members exchanged glances once more then turned to look at Satchal and Brin’tac once more. Satchal was obviously hoping they’d say he could continue to travel with them, but was sure they would say no. Then, to his surprise, Master Yoda stated, “Then go with you, he will. However, train you he will not.”

“We have your promise that you will not train under him any longer,” said Master Windu. “See to it that you stick to that promise.”

“And be careful of the Dark Side,” said Master Mundi. “It is deceptive and easy to follow, but the fruit of its labor is deadly to all.”

“I will take your words all to the heart,” said Brin’tac, “and Satchal and I will not train any further. What I learn from here on is what I learn on my own.”

“Beware,” said Yoda. “Anger, fear, aggression; these lead to the Dark Side.”

“I understand, and I will hold true to the teachings of Master Lo,” said Brin’tac. “I will not betray your confidence.”

“Thank you, Masters,” said Satchal. “I will not fail you.”

The Jedi Council bowed to them once more and boarded the ship. As Satchal and Brin’tac stepped away from the shuttle, the engines fired up and sent the ship into outer space. Turning, Satchal and Brin’tac headed back inside the palace as Brin’tac put his arm behind his friend and patted him on the back. “Don’t worry,” he said to Satchal with a smile. “Everything is going to turn out fine. We’ll find the Dark Jedi who took my family and killed Master Lo, and we’ll bring him to justice. Then we’ll find my family, and I’ll go back home to Kothlis while you become a fully trained Jedi Knight. Trust me, my friend. Everything is going to turn out fine in the end.”


The End

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