The Interrogation of Savor Kibbs

The doors opened to the cell and the entire group filed in; all except Satchal who was preparing to leave. Sitting on the bunk, Savor Kibbs looked up, and a grin spread across his face. “Nice to see you again,” he said. “To what do I owe the honor of this visit?”

“We’ve come to ask you a few questions,” said Brin’tac, his lips curled into a tight frown.

He barked out a laugh and said, “I don’t have anything for you. Don’t waste your time.”

“I can sense that you’re lying,” said Geldar. “You know something, and we want to know what it is.”

“First of all,” said Brin’tac. “Why were you here on Naboo? What was your purpose?”

The Dark Jedi smiled. “That’s simple enough. I’m here to spread the seeds of rebellion amongst the people.”

“Who sent you?” asked Tso. “Are you the Dark Jedi that took Brin’tac’s family and killed my shipmates?”

Savor laughed almost hysterically. “Hardly. I am the apprentice of Darth Maul; the Sith Lord that killed that stupid Jedi Master you had the funeral for. Perhaps you may have recognized him. He was the Dark Lord you fought in the swamps outside of my hideout. Using the Dark Side Nexus I had discovered, I was able to create an illusion of my master that could imitate his fighting abilities. Unfortunately, he could not use the Force. You may have recognized that he wasn’t real simply because of this, but I was hoping that it would scare you off simply seeing the Dark Lord.”

“Well it didn’t work,” said Tarrsk with a snort. “He was easy to beat. The next time you should pick something more scary than a stupid Dark Lord.”

Savor’s face fell into an expression of disgust. “Listen, lizard scum. You think you’re something? You haven’t seen anything yet. I know all about you and your stupid Jedi friend here.” He gestured sharply at Geldar. “Do you think it was a coincidence that brought all of you together? I hardly think so.”

“What do you mean?” asked Brin’tac. “Explain.”

Savor’s smile returned. “You are all so naive. You can’t get anything from me.”

Brin’tac looked back at the others and took in a deep breath. “All right. Fine. So your master was Darth Maul, the man in black with the red and black tattoos. Is that right?”

“I already told you that,” Savor said sharply. “Don’t you pay attention.”

“You must be pretty upset that your master has been killed,” said Brin’tac.

Another sharp laugh cut through them. “Hardly. Darth Maul was a harsh teacher. I could care less that he’s dead especially since now I might be considered as the apprentice to an even greater Dark Lord. Darth Sidious might make me his new Dark Lord apprentice, and then I’ll be just as powerful as Darth Maul. I will be Darth Strife.”

Tso looked at Tarrsk, and both began to chuckle. “Darth Strife?” said Tso. “Who comes up with these names?”

“So Darth Sidious is an even greater Dark Lord?” asked Brin’tac in an attempt to get his prisoner to continue feeding them information.

“He is the master Dark Lord,” said Savor. “He is the one that trained Darth Maul. He is the master. Darth Maul is the apprentice.”

“Is Darth Sidious the one that killed Master Jin Tai Lo?” asked Brin’tac.

“No. Darth Sidious doesn’t expose himself like that,” explained Savor. “He’s not stupid. He sends his minions to do his dirty work while he works things behind the scenes. Actually, he’s a genius, and extremely powerful with the Dark Side. He’s the one that sent me to Naboo to start causing trouble here. He had great plans for Naboo, though I’m not sure what they were. I do know that he was trying to force Amidala into a treaty with the Trade Federation. That was why Darth Maul was here.”

“So Sidious and the Federation are working together?” asked Geldar.

Savor laughed again, and it was clear that it was getting on Tarrsk’s nerves. He pounded one fist into the palm of his other hand and clenched his teeth. “The Trade Federation works for Sidious. He’s the guy in charge. He orchestrated the entire invasion. In fact, he’s orchestrated everything. I told you he was a genius.”

“What’s everything?” asked Lialla, who’d finally spoken up when she heard of Sidious’ involvement in the invasion.

“Everything,” repeated Savor. “The whole Trandoshan-Wookiee conflict, the kidnapping of the Kyen’tir family, the death of Master Lo, the Flail organization’s mission on Coruscant; they’re all parts of Sidious’ plans.”

“Why?” asked Geldar. “Why is he doing this to us? Why are we important?”

“I don’t know,” said Savor. “That’s the beauty of it. Sidious is a genius. He does things for reasons only he knows.”

“How was Sidious involved in the Trando-Wookiee conflict?” asked Brin’tac.

“He started it all,” said Savor. “I’m not sure why, but he wanted them to fight. When the Jedi arrived to stop it, I know Sidious sent one of his students, Wraith, to help keep it going for a little while longer.”

Geldar turned to Tarrsk. “That must have been the Dark Jedi you saw.”

“Is this Wraith the same one that took my family?” asked Brin’tac.

“Yes,” said Savor. “He also killed Master Lo.”

“How is that possible?” said Nyarchagga. “Master Lo could take any stupid apprentice. I’ve seen him in battle. He’s unstoppable.”

Savor’s smile widened. “Stupid Dug. The Dark Side is stronger than the Light. Wraith easily destroyed Master Lo.”

“He’s lying,” said Tarrsk. “Let’s cut out his tongue.”

“I don’t think he’s lying,” said Geldar as he tried to sense the enemy’s emotions. “I do, however, think that he may have been misinformed.”

“Why my family?” asked Brin’tac who was trying to remain calm.

“I don’t know,” said Savor. “Do you think they tell me everything?”

“Why kill Master Lo?” asked Nyarchagga.

“He got in the way,” Savor said simply. “Wraith was on Darga Prime for another reason. Master Lo just got in his way.”

“Why kill my crew?” asked Tso.

“To provide a scapegoat,” said Savor. “He just wanted to get to the planet without anyone really knowing that he was there. Killing your crew and having you blamed for it was the best way to do it. Who would believe, after all, a Sullustan who was the only member of his crew to survive?” With this information, Tso fell silent once more.

“What about Sidious’ involvement on Coruscant?” asked Geldar.

“The Flail organization,” said Savor. “That was his idea. At first, I was leading the group against the Senate. I convinced the leaders that the Senate was corrupt, and that the only way we could do about it is to fight back, destroy the Senate, and replace it with a new, all powerful leader.”

“Sidious,” said Lialla.

“Of course,” said Savor. “I even introduced the leaders of the group to Sidious so that they would see his great powers. With the support of Flail, I was able to kill off one of Vallorum’s political enemies and pin the job on Vallorum himself. This weakened his hold on the Beaurocracy considerably making it easy for the Trade Federation to move against Naboo.”

“Why Naboo?” asked Lialla.

“One thing at a time,” said Brin’tac. “I want to know how Zegmon Pent got power over the Flail, and why they attacked Vallorum yet again just before the invasion started.”

“I convinced Pent that he had the Force. I told him I’d be his master, and he’d be my student,” said Savor. “He fell for it, and I even convinced him that he was a Jedi assassin; as if such things really exist.”

“Then why were you not leading them when we faced them?” asked Geldar.

“The leaders of Flail knew too much, so Sidious had them killed off. I supposedly died as well,” said Savor. “However, Sidious had another plan for me. That’s why he sent me here. Pent did the rest on his own.”

“So why Naboo?” asked Brin’tac.

Savor’s smile broadened. “Now that is a good question isn’t it.”

Suddenly, the doors of the room opened, and everyone turned to see who was entering. “Greetings, friends,” said the man in decorative blue robes. “I am Supreme Chancellor Palpatine.”

“Supreme Chancellor Palpatine?” said Lialla in surprise. “What are you doing down here?”

“I’ve come to congratulate you on a job well done,” he said with a warm smile. “Unfortunately I must leave soon for Coruscant. Politics always demands a busy schedule. However, I wanted to take a few moments to come down here and meet all of you before I left. I understand we owe you a great deal.”

Brin’tac stepped forward. “We only did what we had to for the Republic,” he stated with a slight bow.

“You must be Brin’tac Kyen’tir,” said Palpatine. “I’ve heard so much about you. My sincere condolences. I hate to hear of such tragedy happening to such a fine, upstanding citizen of the Republic. I understand that Senator Prin Ay’laya sorely misses you.”

“Thank you,” said Brin’tac. “It is good to hear that I am missed.”

He then turned toward Geldar. “I also extend my heartfelt....”

Just then, as Palpatine was in mid-sentence, Savor Kibbs gasped horribly and fell backward in pain. Turning, everyone rushed to his side to see what was happening. Kibbs was clutching his chest in pain and squirming as if he were attempting to escape the jaws of a predator.

“Medic!” cried Lialla in panic. “You can’t die now. We were so close to finding out what Sidious was doing here. Medic!”

“Medic!” echoed the Supreme Chancellor in horror.

“There must be something you can do,” said Brin’tac as he looked at Geldar.

“I can’t. I don’t know how to...” and before he could finish his sentence, Savor Kibbs was dead.

The room was silent for a moment as the blue skinned Dark Jedi lay still. Then, at last, Geldar looked back at his friends with a mystified look on his face. Looking up at the Supreme Chancellor, he saw a look of disgust and horror on his face. “This was no ordinary death,” said Geldar in thought.

“This same thing happened to the aid that replaced me. Remember?” said Brin’tac. “He had died of a severe heart attack.”

“Are you saying someone killed him?” asked Lialla.

“How could they?” asked Palpatine. “There is no one here but us, and none of us have any weapons.”

“The Force,” said Geldar. “The Dark Side of the Force. Someone used it on him.”

Palpatine was skeptical. “Don’t you think the Council would have felt the presence of a Dark Side Jedi if he was here? Perhaps this man had a way to kill himself. It has been done before. Maybe he realized he was talking too much and bit down on some pill he’d had stored in his mouth somewhere. It isn’t unheard of.”

“I would agree, Supreme Chancellor,” said Brin’tac, “but I cannot dismiss the coincidence. Savor Kibbs died the same way as Senator Prin Ay’laya’s other aid. Savor was clutching his chest when he died indicating that he had died of a severe heart attack. The senator’s aid died the same way, and no one knows why. He was young and fit, just like Savor. He should have lived for a long time.”

Tarrsk looked around and something suddenly dawned on him. “Hey! Satchal’s not with us.”

Geldar turned to face his friend. “He’s getting ready to leave for Coruscant.” “Yeah,” said Tarrsk. “That’s what he wants us to believe. Kind of a coincidence that he isn’t here and this guy is dead. How much do you want to bet he wasn’t with anyone when the senator’s aid died too?”

Brin’tac turned and gave Tarrsk a sharp look. “Satchal would not have done this. Don’t you think if he had evil intentions like this the Jedi Council would have discovered it before. They knew he was training me. Why wouldn’t they have discovered that he was going to use the Force to kill Savor.”

“I agree,” said Lialla. “Satchal wouldn’t do this. He seems troubled, but I don’t think he’s a cold blooded killer.” Tarrsk fell silent once more after the onslaught from his companions, though it was obvious he still didn’t believe them entirely.

The door to the cell opened suddenly, and in came one of the Supreme Chancellor’s aids. “Supreme Chancellor,” he stated flatly. “Your shuttle is ready for departure.”

Palpatine glanced at him then back at the others in the room with concern. “This is most unfortunate. I will notify Queen Amidala before I leave so that she may investigate this matter more thoroughly.” And with that he turned and left.

“I don’t like that guy,” said Tarrsk softly when the door shut.

“You don’t like anyone,” said Tso with a chuckle which caused Tarrsk to look at him and sneer.

Brin’tac sighed heavily. “Listen. If the Supreme Chancellor is leaving then the Jedi must be leaving as well. I don’t have much time to talk to them before they go. I have to talk to them now. I’ll be back shortly.” Then Brin’tac left as well just as a medic finally arrived to check on them. The medic quickly checked Savor’s life signs then turned to one of his fellow medics and confirmed Savor’s status.

“He’s dead,” said the medic. “Let’s get him out of here and do an autopsy.”

“Let’s get out of here too,” said Lialla. “There’s nothing more we can do.”

The others agreed and left the cell as well.

The End

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