Phantom Hunters 6: The Darkside Nexus

Mission Brief 01.0811

After the planet of Naboo was liberated from occupation by the Trade Federation, "The Phantom Hunters continued their pursuit of the criminal, Savor Kibbs. Kibbs had escaped Naboo authorities after they arrested him at the Jedi Academy on Naboo for attempting to lead students down the wrong path. Currently he was leading a group of renegades out in the swamps against the Queen. The renegades had been lying low during the occupation.
Now with more immediate concerns beh

The Journal of Lialla Tane:

To continue where I left off, we were all at the base when one morning the Trade Federation struck. They had somehow located us, and they swarmed the base faster than we could have imagined. My companions and I were captured and taken to Theed where we were then placed in the same makeshift prison that my parents were held in. During this time, as we considered how to escape, a strange, dark figure walked by. Geldar, Brin’tac, and Satchal all felt a disturbance in the Force, and it was later discovered that the figure was none other than Darth Maul, a Dark Lord of the Sith. He glanced over at us when he went by, and Satchal says that he thought that the Dark Lord knew who they were. How terrifying!

We escaped from the prison shortly afterward and escaped towards the outskirts of the city square when suddenly we ran into Queen Amidala herself. She quickly enlisted our aide in the reclamation of Naboo, and we complied. Making our way to the palace we created a diversion and protected the queen while she and her troops made it inside. Naboo was saved, and we were all hailed as heroes.

Shortly after the queen was put back into power we were able to continue the original mission of my companions. It was discovered that Savor Kibbs had left Theed shortly before the invasion and had implemented a resistance group of his own against the queen. It was said that he had many people under his sway, and the queen wanted us to go and find out more about him. (This was the original mission anyway.) I was sent with them as a guide since I’ve explored much of Naboo’s terrain.

We found Savor Kibbs after our long trek through the countryside, and the event was even more frightening than confronting the Dark Lord, if that’s possible. At the outskirts of the camp we confronted what we thought was the Dark Lord himself. After a horrifying battle, we learned that the Dark Lord, who was supposedly killed by Jedi Padawan Obi-wan Kenobi, was really nothing more than a dark side illusion. We made our way into the camp and confronted Savor Kibbs, and within a few moments the battle was won. Although Savor had modified destroyer droids on his side, he was unable to defeat us, and, as I recall, it was Brin’tac’s shot that took him down.

At this point we nearly lost Satchal, not to death but to the Jedi Council. Satchal and Geldar had been told that they were not to train Brin’tac in the ways of the Force, but Satchal refused to adhere to this. The Jedi Council was going to take him back to Coruscant but Brin’tac intervened on his behalf.

The End

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