A Lesson in Humility

Tarrsk lay flat on his back as Dane’s padded training staff came down to touch the bridge of his nose. “Bam!” she shouted. “You’re dead.”

The look on her face angered him. She was gloating over her victory, and it was bad enough that he’d been beaten by a fourteen year old human female. Not only was she of a weaker race physically, but she was also of the weaker sex of that race. To top it off, she was only a girl. She wasn’t even fully grown. It just didn’t add up.

Dane stepped back and offered him a hand. “Good fight,” she said.

Tarrsk shoved the hand aside. “I obviously underestimated you,” he told her as he stood on his own.

“Obviously,” said Galak as he came to stand next to her. “She’s only been trained by the best. Captain Panaka is a skilled warrior. I should know. We both have trained under him.”

Tarrsk grunted. “Well, isn’t that special?”

Galak’s expression hardened. “What’s your problem, man?” he asked.

Tarrsk just looked away as he nursed a bruised rib. “Me’sa tinkin’ he’sa got’n a girlie dat he’sa fightin’ wit’ another guy ova’,” Toba replied as he came over. “Me’sa seein’ dat before wit’ me’sa friend Daano.”

Tarrsk snarled at him in disgust. “If you want to know, Fishbate, it’s because I don’t think one of our team is honest. In fact, I think he might be off right now warning the Trade Federation that we’re here. To top it all off, no one here will do anything about it. They aren’t locking him up because they think he’s just a victim in this whole situation. I know differently, though. I can see the hatred in his eyes. I saw it in his eyes before when I faced him back in the slave camp. He was standing there in that cloak staring at me with those evil eyes. I know it’s him. I can tell by his eyes. They’re the same.”

Dane and the others fell silent. “Where’sa is’n he now?” asked Toba after a moment of deafening silence.

“He left,” replied Tarrsk. “He stormed out when he and Geldar got into a fight.”

The others exchanged worried looks. “This could be bad,” Galak stated plainly. “Maybe we should track him.”

But before anyone else could respond, another voice cut them off. “It’s already being taken care of.”

Everyone turned to see Rorworr and his translator enter the room. “Father says that he and the other leaders of the resistance are just as concerned as you are. They have several scouts tracking him. He won’t get far if he heads for Theed. They’ll capture him before he gets halfway there.”

They all seemed to relax a bit. “At least that’s something,” said Tarrsk almost under his breath.

“As for the rest of you,” continued the translator as Rorworr went on. “We have to get to briefing, remember? We’ve got a mission to go on, and Headmaster Dannt is already waiting for us.”

Tarrsk looked over at them curiously. “What mission?”

Dane smiled back at him. “That prison camp that your friends checked out. We’re going to liberate it.”

“You’re all staying behind to help protect the base,” added Galak. “No one told you?”

Tarrsk sneered and said nothing.

“Well,” finished Dane. “Take care of yourself, Tarrsk.”

“Yeah,” added Toba, “and workin’ on da fightin’ skills would’a probly be good.”

As the door shut behind the Gungan, Tarrsk picked launched his training staff at the door where the alien had just been. It slammed hard against it and fell the ground with a loud clang. Although it didn’t do any good, it made the Trandoshan at least feel a little better.

The End

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