Bacta Tank Visitor

Lialla felt herself floating and opened her eyes to look around. In the midst of a sea of bacta she thought she’d heard a voice calling to her. Looking around, she saw outside the tank a group of people yelling and arguing about something. Maybe they had called her name.

“Lialla,” came the voice again. It was soft and sweet, like her mother’s.

“Who’s there,” she said, or at least thought she said.

The woman’s face suddenly appeared in the glass, but it was almost completely transparent. “It’s me, Kylarra.”

“Kylarra?” she responded. “But how?” Kylarra smiled sadly at her. “I’m dead now, Lialla. I am visiting you in spirit.”

Lialla became alarmed. “No. What do you mean you’re dead? You can’t be dead.”

“I’m sorry, Lialla,” she said. “But it’s true. When you are out of the tank ask Geldar about my demise.”

Tears would have formed in her eyes were she not already floating in liquid. “I don’t understand.”

“Lialla,” Kylarra continued. “You and your new friends are in grave danger. You must go with them to help them. The Dark Side of the Force grows stronger, and it is surrounding all of them; especially Satchal.”

“Satchal?” she asked fearfully. “Yes. I’ve seen it in him. The Dark Side is growing stronger in him.”

“Lialla, Satchal is being consumed. The Dark Side has built a barrier around him. He cannot even see the light. The darkness deceives him and twists his mind. You must be the light that shines in the darkness, Lialla. Take the light to him.”

“But I don’t have the Force,” she said.

“Just be there for him,” Kylarra replied. “Help him sort through his problems.”

“But I know nothing of the Jedi,” Lialla pointed out. “What good will I be to him?”

“You and Geldar are helping him more than you could possibly imagine,” she said. “Just don’t give up on him.”

And then, as quickly as she’d come, she faded away. “Just don’t give up on him...” were her final words, and Lialla slipped back into unconsciousness.

The End

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