Suspicions Confirmed?

“The screams of the children still echo through my ears,” he said as he cupped his hands over his ears. “I can still see the terror in their eyes.”

Lialla rushed over to him and put her arm around him as he sat down heavily on the fountain. Tears were streaming down his face uncontrollably now, and she fought desperately to find something he could use to wipe them away.

“It was only a dream,” she told him.

“No!” he cried and moved away from her. “They’re not just dreams. They’re real. I had dreams like this before when I was young. They were dreams of my master before I met him. They are prophetic dreams.”

“They?” she asked. “There’s more?”

“Yes,” he said as he turned his back to her. “Yes,” he repeated as he began to calm down. “I’ve seen other things with these dreams, and it scares me.” He then turned back to face her, and the look on his face turned her as white as a ghost. “Lialla. I killed my own master in my dreams. I killed him.”

“Not you,” she assured. “Bher Nagg Rugge.”

“Yes, but I was him,” he explained. “I knew how it felt to kill him, and I liked it. I liked killing him. I liked plunging my lightsaber into his chest. I liked kicking his lightsaber into the vat of carbonite. I liked it, and I’d do it again. Can’t you see? I’m becoming Bher Nagg Rugge. I’m becoming him!”

Lialla stood to her feet. “Calm down, Satchal. Please! You’re not turning into him.” She tried to touch him to comfort him, but he shoved her hand away.

“Don’t touch me,” he snapped. “I don’t want to hurt you.”

But then he saw the tear roll down her cheek, and his heart suddenly shattered into a thousand pieces. What kind of jerk am I? he wondered. She never did anything to me. Why am I acting like this? She doesn’t deserve this. “I’m sorry,” he told her as he turned to face her. “I...I didn’t mean to...”

She nodded. “I know.” She lowered her gaze to her feet. “I’m sorry I prodded you into telling me what you were really thinking and feeling. I promise I won’t tell anyone.”

“She doesn’t have to,” came a voice that suddenly interrupted their conversation. Turning, Satchal and Lialla were both surprised to find Tarrsk standing there with a blaster rifle in his hand. “I already know.”

Satchal’s eyes widened with anger. “You were spying on me?” he bellowed. “How dare you?”

“One can’t be too careful you know,” said Tarrsk as he pointed his rifle at Satchal’s head, “and I’m glad I did. Now I know everything.”

“What?” Satchal asked, a little confused.

“Don’t play stupid with me,” Tarrsk replied. “I saw what you were going to do to her, and I overheard everything you said about your dreams. You think I don’t know what you’re really saying, Satchal? Or wait. Maybe Satchal isn’t the name I should call you.”

Satchal’s eyes ignited with rage. “What are you insinuating?” he asked as his hand slipped to his lightsaber.

“What do you think I’m saying, Bher Nagg Rugge?” Tarrsk spat heatedly, and in a flash of motion Satchal sprang at Tarrsk with his lightsaber flaring out. He swung at Tarrsk who dodged to the side at the last moment, and fired defensively just before Satchal could recover. The blaster bolt grazed Satchal’s shoulder, but that didn’t stop him. He dove forward once more and slashed out to take Tarrsk’s head off.

Tarrsk dodged the second swing just barely and rolled away from the Jedi. However, as he came to his feet to fire once more at Satchal, Lialla jumped in the way. Tarrsk, not realizing what she was doing, fired and shot Lialla in the shoulder. She spun around and fell to the ground much to the shocked horror of both the Trandoshan and the Jedi.

“Lialla!” cried Satchal as he ran over to her. Oh no! What have I done? Crouching down, he rolled her onto her back and checked her pulse. As he did, Tarrsk contacted base with his comlink, and asked them to send a speeder right away.

The End

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