Satchal's Nightmare

Satchal stared out at the empty street. It was dark, and he could see only the litter being blown about by the wind. This was a perfect opportunity for him to make his move. Gliding across the street as if he were a ghost, Satchal moved to the door of the factory and slid it open. Stepping inside, he waited in the shadows for his messenger to arrive.

An hour passed, and still Satchal waited. But then, all of a sudden, the door opened and a young Bothan stepped inside. “Hello?” hissed the Bothan softly. “Are you here?”

Satchal moved like lightning and shoved the Bothan inside while shutting the door with the Force. The Bothan cowered frightfully in his grip, and he smiled evilly at him. “Well? What is the news?”

“He’s gone. Senator Ay’laya is gone, and so is his aid, Brin’tac,” the Bothan stammered. “What will you do?”

“None of your business,” said Satchal. “In fact, your usefullness has ended.” And suddenly he squeezed his hand around the Bothan’s throat. Choking, the Bothan tried desperately to scream as Satchal sent a bolt of Force Lightning through his body to kill him. The Bothan’s body slumped to the floor, and Satchal grinned wickedly. “It is time for Bher Nagg Rugge to strike again.” And then he slipped out of the factory and down the street.

A ways away, Satchal arrived at the mansion of the Kyen’tir family. Waiting at the door, he listened for the guards to pass before he climbed over the wall and slipped through the shadows to the house. Pausing by the door, he glanced down at his hands to adjust his robotic claws. All six fingers flexed one at a time to make sure that there would be no problems with them, and then, after he was sure the gloves worked fine, Satchal slipped out of hiding and marched into the home.

The End

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