Kylarra's Garden

Satchal and Lialla entered a small garden with a fountain at its center. The garden had obviously not been taken care of in years since the exotic plantlife was growing along paths and the fountain’s water was murky and covered with leaves.

Still, the place was beautiful, and it held a peace that seemed to ease Satchal’s pain a little. It was about an hour’s walk from the base, but Satchal had hardly noticed the time slip away. With everything that was on his mind he’d been quite distracted.

“What is this place?” he wondered as they stepped through the gate.

Lialla smiled as she turned to face him. Her smile was so big and beautiful that it almost took his breath away. Whoa! What was that? he thought for a moment. I must be still dizzy from the last mission.

“This is where Kylarra lived while she was here on Naboo,” she told Satchal. “I’d often come to visit her while she was here. She hated city life, and often preferred to be alone with nature rather than live with the trappings of the city.”

“Where’s her home?” he wondered as he looked around for a building of some kind.

“She had no house,” she replied. “She simply camped out here in the garden all the time. She always said she didn’t need to have all the ‘civilized’ things that everyone else had. She wanted to surround herself with the beauty of the natural world.”

Some woman, he thought as he considered Geldar for a moment. That explains why Geldar is the way he is. “So no one else knows about this place?” he asked her.

“No,” she told him. “If they do, they won’t come here. No one, I’m sure, has any reason to come here.”

Satchal sat down on the edge of the fountain with his head down once more, and Lialla came to sit next to him. “Fine,” he said softly, and for several moments he didn’t speak.

“It’s okay,” said Lialla. “You can trust me.”

And it was those words sparked something inside him. Suddenly, Satchal stood to his feet and faced her with rage filling his every being. “Trust you?” he snapped. “Trust you? How can you even say I can trust you? I don’t even know you.” He paused for a moment to regain control as he turned his back on her. “I don’t even know what I’m doing here.”

“Satchal!” she shouted as she stood up to face him. “Stop this. It’s not helping you. Your pain is only destroying you.”

Satchal whirled around and shoved her backwards roughly so that she almost fell into the fountain. “Shut up! You don’t know anything.”

“Then tell me!” she shouted back at him.

“Why? Why do you want to know? Are you a spy? Did the person who killed my master send you? Is he trying to torture me more?” Then he reached down and grabbed her by the collar of her shirt and shook her violently. “Tell me who he is! Is it Bher Nagg Rugge? Is that his name? Is it!”

Then, all of a sudden, Satchal found himself face down on the ground with his arm pinned behind his back. His leg had been swept out from under him, and he had been whirled around so that he fell face first in the dirt. Dazed, he lay there trying to figure out what had happened.

“Now calm down,” instructed Lialla from above him. “I don’t like it when people get rough with me.” Then she slowly released him and took a few steps back.

Satchal pushed himself up and turned back in her general direction, though he kept his gaze averted to the side. “I’m sorry,” he said, more subdued. “I didn’t mean to hurt you.”

“You didn’t,” she replied, “but I knew I had to do something to calm you down. However, in light of that outburst, I think you owe me a bit of an explanation for sure. Who’s this Bher Nagg...whatever, and what happened to your master?”

Satchal sighed deeply again, and this time he was able to make eye contact. “My master, Jin Tai Lo, is dead. He was killed by a Dark Jedi. I believe his name might be Bher Nagg Rugge.”

“Why?” she asked.

“Bher Nagg Rugge is the Dark Jedi in my dreams,” he explained.

“In your dreams?”

“Yes,” he replied. “In fact. In my dreams, I AM Bher Nagg Rugge.”

With that, Lialla’s eyes went wide with horror.

The End

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