Ghosts of the Past

Geldar and Tso paused in the medic bay to look at Brin’tac once more. Brin’tac was sleeping in the bacta tank, and it appeared that he was healing quite well. According to the medic, in the past few days since they’d returned to the base Brin’tac had made quite a lot of progress. However, it would still be a few more days of treatment before he could be completely well enough to see anyone.

“So the mission went okay?” Tso inquired.

“Yeah,” said Geldar. “I’m just a little worried about Satchal.”

“We all are, I think,” said Tso. “He seems so upset all the time. Why, even Lialla noticed it.”

“Lialla?” asked Geldar, and he immediately brightened up at the mention of her name. “What did she have to say?”

“Well,” said Tso. “She’s quite an exceptional woman. She seems so genuinely concerned about everyone. Why, she doesn’t even know me, and she was asking all sorts of questions about me. It wasn’t like she was probing for information, though. It was just like she was simply trying to get to know me better. Not only that, but, well, I’ve been kind of depressed lately, and she had a way of completely making me feel better. She’s got a charm like no one I’ve ever met.”

Geldar looked at him curiously. “So what’s been bothering you?” he wondered.

“Oh,” said Tso trying to down-play the magnitude of his feelings. “It’s not much. I’m just having a hard time dealing with the death of my ship-mates. I keep feeling like there was something I could have done.”

Geldar put his hand on Tso’s shoulder. “I’m sure you did the only thing you could have done. I know this may not help, but the Force has willed for this to happen for a reason. We don’t always know what the future may bring, but we can rest assured that the Force will not lead us astray. What happened to you on the ship happened for a reason. There was nothing you could have done to stop it.”

Tso lowered his gaze in thought. “I’m sorry. I know what you’re saying is true, but I hope you don’t mind me saying that it doesn’t make me feel any better.”

“I know,” he told him. “That’s exactly how I feel about my mother. I only wish there was something more I could have done for her to save her. If only I’d been there a little earlier...”

Tso gave him a sympathetic look, even though Geldar didn’t notice it as such since the Sullustan turned and headed off toward the other end of the medic bay almost immediately. At the door, however, Tso suddenly thought of something and stopped to face Geldar once more. “Oh. One more thing,” he said. “I think you should tell Lialla about your mother’s death. She seems to believe that Kylarra is still alive.”

Geldar felt something drop into the pit of his stomach like a rock. “I see,” he replied. That would not be an encounter he’d want to have. It was hard enough dealing with his mother’s death alone. Now he’d have to share the pain of someone else. If Kylarra and Lialla were really close, like Lialla had said when he’d first met her, it was going to be a terrible conversation, and he didn’t want to see the hurt in her eyes and on her face. He didn’t want to see the tears streaming down her face. “I guess I have no choice.”

“I’m sorry,” said Tso, “but I didn’t think it was my place since I didn’t even know her.”

Geldar nodded sadly. “Thank you, Tso. You’re a good friend.”

The End

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