Phantom Hunters 5: Troubled Dreams

Mission Brief 01.0505

Having stopped the Flail from assassinating Chancellor Vallorum, the Chancellor's Special Task Force began to earn their code name "Phantom Hunters" as they departed on their 2nd mission to Naboo. Following reports that the mysterious Savor Kibbs had fled to Naboo, the task force pursued him with the hopes of learning more. As fate would have it, the Trade Federation began their assault just as the team arrived in orbit. Their ship was shot down and the team crashed on

The flash speeder curved around the large boulder as a massive explosion tore a large crater into the canyon floor. Glancing up, Geldar spotted the Federation bomber as it drew ever closer. “Can’t this thing go any faster?” he asked as he turned back to Rorrwarr, the Wookiee pilot. Geldar’s stomach was in knots in spite of the fact that he was trying to use his Jedi calming techniques. He didn’t mind battles where he could do something, but this was totally different. There was absolutely nothing he could do in the back of a flash speeder as the Trade Federation troops chased after them.

“I’m going as fast as I can,” responded Rorrwarr’s translator droid after he shouted out a series of barks and growls.

“Look out!” cried Satchal. “More STAP’s at six.”

Well at least I can do something now, Geldar thought as he pulled out his blaster. Kneeling on the back of the speeder while he held on with his left hand, Geldar leveled his blaster and fired a few times at the the new adversaries. Next to him, Satchal followed suit with his own blaster and together they managed to take out one of the STAP’s.

“Just relax,” said Deel, the Twi’lek friend of Rorrwarr. He slid down in his seat and cupped his hands behind his head as if he was on a pleasure cruise. “Rorrwarr won’t let us down.”

Geldar gave Deel a look as if to say he wished the Twi’lek would be a bit more concerned about their well-being. They could really use his help right now taking out those STAP’s, but the Twi’lek had already closed his eyes as if he were about to go to sleep.

Then, out of the corner of his eye, Geldar saw Satchal kick the back of Deel’s chair. “Hey!” he shouted angrily. “What’s wrong with you? Do you have a death wish or something?”

Deel looked back at him with narrowed eyes. “Some Jedi,” he spat. “You must be very far from becoming a master since you can’t even control your anger.”

Satchal’s eyes flared with rage as his jaw clenched tightly to keep from losing his temper. “If I wasn’t in control of my anger,” he retorted, “you’d be dead.”

Deel laughed in his face. “You Jedi all think you’re gods, but my little sister could rip your ears off....”

Rorrwarr suddenly interrupted him with a sharp growl. “Can’t you two fight when we get back to base,” translated his droid. “I’d really like to have a bit more concentration on the situation at hand.”

Geldar had to admit that the Wookiee was right even if he didn’t like Deel’s attitude. Turning back to the STAP’s, he fired off a few more shots then turned to Satchal. “Don’t let him get to you, Satchal,” he told the other Jedi in hopes of calming him. “I think you’re a great Jedi.”

Satchal glanced over at him and gave a skeptical grunt. “I don’t feel like one lately,” he told him honestly, and Geldar took a moment to study his companion with concern. He wished he knew what was going on in his head, but Satchal refused to ever open up to him. If he just let his emotions out in a healthy way he might be able to heal from his pain. If anyone could help him, Geldar felt that he could since he’d just lost his mother. Their pain was similar, but Satchal seemed to ignore that. He only focused on his own, inner pain as if it were far worse than anyone else could ever imagine. It seemed Satchal believed that no one could ever help him. It was simply something he’d have to deal with.

Another explosion shook the canyon as the bomber circled around for another pass at them. Rorrwarr jerked the controls sharply to avoid the large the explosion, and shrapnal flew everywhere barely missing them.

“We can’t take much more of this,” Geldar told the others. “There has to be a way to escape from this group.”

“I told you,” Deel said to them. “Relax. Everything’s under control.”

Geldar was about to say something this time when another explosion shook the canyon. This time, however, it was from above as the side of the Federation Bomber exploded sending fiery debris everywhere. The bomber then spun wildly out of control and crashed in a massive explosion into the back of a mountain nearby.

“What was that?” wondered Geldar as he scanned the canyon for any sign of what might have been the cause of the Federation Bomber’s demise.

“On the cliff face,” replied Deel with a sly grin. “We’ve set up a gun turret for aerial defense, and in just a few moments those STAP’s will be taken care of as well.”

“How?” asked Geldar curiously, but just as he asked he spotted movement along the ridge. Dozens of Federation Battle Droids suddenly popped up with blasters in hand, but instead of firing on the flash speeder, they began firing at the STAP’s.

“Reprogrammed Battle Droids,” Deel responded as the sly grin widened.

“Why didn’t you tell us to begin with?” Satchal demanded sharply.

“Because,” said Deel. “It was more fun this way.”

Satchal’s scowl deepened as he looked back at the STAP’s. They were being taken out with rapid speed, and it was obvious that they would now escape without any more difficulty.

As Geldar watched his friend, though, his concerns grew deeper. Satchal was getting worse and worse every day, and it seemed that there was nothing he could do. He only hoped that Satchal continued to control his anger and pain, for he was afraid that if Satchal did lose control it would be disastrous.

The End

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