The Journal of Lialla Tane: Entry 3

Entry #3

(In which Lialla reveals personal thoughts about the Phantom Hunters.

The last time I wrote I said I’d share my companions with you. So here they are as well as my own personal feelings about each of them:

Brin’tac Kyen’tir: I list his name first for he is the nobleman and a person who seems to be one of the key leaders of the group. He is very skilled at diplomacy, and he is as nice a person and as hospitable as my father. Hailing from Kothlis, Brin’tac is a Bothan that has endured the great tragedy of having his family kidnapped, but his disposition through it all is good. Still, he has found in recent months that his skills of diplomacy are sometimes his downfall, and he has grown weary of sitting back while others do most of the fighting. In short, I see him as the true leader. He does not delegate authority as some would nor does he wish to stand back while others fall. He wants to lead by example and stand in the heat of the battle with his companions asking them for their opinions and ideas. Although there is no real leader amongst us, it is clear to me that Brin’tac has somewhat taken that role.

Geldar Tharn: I list Geldar second because it is he that is like a second leader to the group. Geldar is not a warrior Jedi Padawan, and he prefers to resolve all issues without violence. Geldar also seeks diplomatic solutions to problems, and he is very wise and skilled for his age. (I say that like he’s a great deal younger than myself. In truth we are the same age.) In fact, the only reason why I label him as the second leader is due to his age and inexperience. Brin’tac is older and has more experience than Geldar which is why he seems a bit more leadership oriented than Geldar. However, Geldar is a sweet and wonderful man who cares deeply about everyone and goes out of his way to help his friends; especially Satchal whom is somewhat of a rival to him.

Tso Guihu: Oh where should I begin about Tso? I guess I shall say that I have never met a gentler soul in all my life nor a humbler one. Tso believes so little of himself and especially of his skills of piloting. They have said that every time he gets behind the seat of a vehicle he crashes it, but I know that Tso has saved the lives of my companions and myself many times. Tso is also not the best of the soldiers in the group, and he feels kind of insignificant when it comes to fighting. I believe that Tso’s disposition also stems from the fact that his reason for being in the group is to clear his own name while the others are simply searching for a villain. Tso was framed for the deaths of his shipmates, which plagues him daily, and it has seriously hindered his spirits. Still, I would rather have this loyal friend at my side than any other member of the group, for I know that he is a trusted companion and would never even consider to do me any harm.

(Special note: Kiss! Kiss! Kiss! Kiss! Kiss! I just love Tso tsooooooo much!!!!! Kiss! Kiss! Kiss! Kiss! Kiss! Hee! Hee! Hee!)

Tarrsk: I cannot deny the fear I have when I’m around Tarrsk. He is frightening to me. His demeanor is gruff and his mannerisms suggest that he is always thinking of ripping something apart. It disturbs and unnerves me. Tarrsk is a great soldier, and I would never want to face him in combat. When he speaks, I listen, though I try desperately to hide my fears from him. I would not want him to know that I am always watching my back around him, and I certainly wouldn’t want him to use that to intimidate me. Therefore, this journal will go to my grave before I let him read it.

(Special note: Help! Help! The evil Tarrsk is after me. I cannot breath! Aaaaaaaaaahhhhhhh! No. Please Tarrsk. Don’t hurt me. Don’t worry Lialla! I Tso will save you! Tso, you wretched Sullustan. You will never stop me! Oh yes I will. Pshew! Pshew! Whack! Whack! Uh! Oh Tso you saved me. You’re my hero. Hee! Hee! Hee!)

Satchal Paige: Satchal is a man covered in shadow. He is tormented by the loss of his master, the only real friend and companion of his life. He’s known Brin’tac for some time, and I know that they have grown close as well. However, Satchal will never see Brin’tac the way he saw Master Lo. I feel deeply moved by Satchal, and I wish I could help him more. I feel strangely attracted to this darker, tormented soul, and I am torn with my feelings to run away from him as well as to help him. Sometimes the darkness frightens me, and other times it draws me. It is strange, I know, but Satchal is different from anyone I’ve ever met. He is a warrior struggling on the edge of darkness and light, and I hope that I can help him remain in the light.

(Special note: Holy Hutt! What a slutt I am! From one to the other to the other I go. First from Geldar’s warm embrace to Tso’s gentle touch. Now I’m drawn to Satchal oh tso much. I just can’t get enough!)

Nyarchagga: An interesting fellow! Nyarchagga is fast and deadly. He is quick, agile, and perceptive as well as crafty, devious, and creative. I admire him in spite of the fact that I do not trust him completely. Perhaps it is because he’s a Dug, and Dug’s can’t be trusted generally, but I also believe it is something more. Nyarchagga’s crafty nature makes him dangerous, and I’m afraid he’ll find out secrets about me that I don’t want him to. His little droid Gnat is always buzzing around, and I feel like just stepping on it to keep it from pestering me again. I know I’ve seen it in my chambers before, and I certainly hope it stays out now that I’ve talked with Nyarchagga about it. Anyway, he seems nice enough, but I have a hard time trusting that.

(Special note: Well at least I know I’m not attracted to the Dug. He’s a stinky spy type person! Ptewie! I spit him and his droid out like Bantha poodoo.)

(Special-Special note: Hee! Hee! Hee! Hee! Hee! If only I knew just how crafty the Dug can be I’d never have written this. Hee! Hee! Hee! Hee! Hee!)

Well, that’s all of them. In my next entry I’ll share what happened after this month of relief was over. For now, I must go. I believe Tarrsk and Geldar are going to play Sabbaac against Satchal and Brin’tac. I can’t wait to see it. Tso has said he’d save me a seat next to him to watch.

(Special note: Oh Tso! Sit next to me and hold my hand. Ha! Ha!!!!!!!!!!!)

(This journal entry was edited by none other than the glorious, illustrious, and absolutely genius Dug named Nyarchagga who was able to crack into the journal to spread this information to his fellow comrades so they might know a bit more about the strange woman that has decided to aid us. He assures you it was done for security reasons alone so that he might make sure that she was not a spy for the enemy. Of course, he also enjoyed very much making his own comments along the way as well as learning some juicy information. Hee! Hee! Hee!)

The End

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