The Journal of Lialla Tane: Entry 2

Entry #2

(In which Lialla recounts the team's 2nd mission, "The Battle of Naboo".)

I know the last time I wrote I left off shortly after my friends defeated the Flail. Therefore, I’ll pick up when my friends were then sent to Naboo to learn more about Kibbs at the most inappropriate of times. (Again, they were not to confront him. They were only supposed to learn about him and report back to the Jedi Council.) The Trade Federation was blockading Naboo, and although they had clearance to pass, the Trade Federation fired on them. (It was at this time that the Trade Federation began its invasion.) The ship was spinning out of control, and the way my friends describe it, it was the most terrifying event of their lives. (Being flung out into space through a vacuum only to be drawn back in by tow cables sounds almost unbelievable. And then, to top it all off, Tso had to take control of the ship and crash land them near Theed.) They only barely survived the incident.

Upon arriving at Theed to discuss matters with the Royal House of Learning, where Savor had supposedly gone and had been expelled only a few months earlier, my friends were caught up in a retreat from the capital due to the droid invasion. They escaped to a hidden resistance base out in the mountains far beyond Theed’s walls where they stayed almost to the end of the hostilities.

It was at this time that I finally met my companions. The resistance leaders had developed a plan to enter Theed and rescue several individuals from a makeshift prison before they were transferred to the camps. I was to help them on this mission due to my knowledge of Theed’s layout as well as the fact that my parents were amongst those in lockup. During the mission we discovered that my parents had been moved to another location nearer to the capital, and I must confess I nearly killed my entire unit in an attempt to rescue them. Most of them were wounded, some seriously, when I shot off through the city to find them. We had battle droids and destroyer droids all around us, yet I could not go without my parents. I had nearly died myself in the attempt, and there isn’t a day that goes by when I do not consider the foolishness of my actions. I’m am fortunate no one died from my mistake.

We rescued my family and returned to our base in the mountains. Nearly a month went by with only a few minor excursions on our part. We were mainly resting and healing, particularly Brin’tac, who was near death from the whole incident. At this point I got to know my companions well, and I began to fall in love with them. Brin’tac learned that he had the ability to use the Force, and he began to train under Geldar and Satchal, though neither are Jedi Masters. (They only taught him the basics.) Satchal had some strange dreams about the death of his master that has us very puzzled. (His dreams seem to suggest that he killed his own master and kidnapped Brin’tac’s family as the mysterious dark Jedi Bher Nagge Rugge.) It was a time when I was able to learn a great deal about them all and their pasts, and in my next entry I’d like to tell you a little about each of them so that I might share them with you. For now I must go. Until next time.

The End

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