The Journal of Lialla Tane: Entry 1

Written upon the eve of departure from a layover on Corruscant, 7 days after the Battle of Naboo

Entry #1

(In which Lialla shares some personal thoughts and recounts the team's first mission.)

I begin this journal on the eve of our departure from Coruscant. Thus far, I am completely amazed at where my life has taken me. Up until now I have written four other journals, but none of which have taken me where I’ve really wanted to go.

And so I write this journal, similar to my other journals, because I have embarked on a new journey. However, I have moved beyond the frontiers that I have previously traversed. Far from home, I am no longer on my precious homeworld of Naboo. I am now traveling through hyperspace towards a planet that is on the other side of the galaxy.

To say I am afraid would be an understatement. Thus far we’ve encountered a great deal of danger since my last journal ended, and I know that the danger we face is even greater. Some dark assassin has murdered a Jedi Master, and we’re going to find him. Why this task is being entrusted to us is beyond me? There are no Jedi Masters among us; only Padawan learners. Still, we have endured a great deal, and my friends have grown much stronger. Perhaps we will succeed in uncovering the mystery of the death of Master Jin Tai Lo as well as the abduction of Brin’tac Kyen’tir’s family.

But perhaps I should begin at an earlier date to better explain what I’m talking about and how I became wrapped up in all this. What I’m about to tell you has come to me via my newest companions (namely Brin’tac, Geldar, and Tso, though they each only gave me what excerpts they felt were necessary. I believe there is a great amount of personal information they didn’t trust me with, though this is understandable considering I’ve only recently met them).

Our story begins when the Jedi Council’s own Master Windu and Supreme Chancellor Vallorum summoned Brin’tac Kyen’tir, a nobleman who was once the aid of a senator from Kothlis, Geldar Tharn, a Jedi Padawan to Master Orruwarr who has gone on some mission of his own, Tarrsk, a Trandoshan warrior and close companion to Geldar, Nyarchagga, a very technical and highly skilled dug with his own spy droid named Gnat, Satchal Paige, a troubled Jedi Padawan of the former Jedi Master Jin Tai Lo, and last but not least, Tso Guihu, a Sullustan navigator whose crew was butchered by the same murderer as Master Lo. Master Windu and Chancellor Vallorum needed a special task force to protect the Chancellor from a renegade group known as the Flail. Since the Flail was believed to have some sort of connection to a dark Jedi named Zegmon Pent, Master Windu and Vallorum believed that the special task force would be perfect in helping to solve the mystery surrounding Master Lo’s demise. However, they were strictly warned not to engage the dark jedi himself for fear they would not be powerful enough. There job was simply to protect the Supreme Chancellor.

There were three attempts made on the Chancellor. The first was when my companions first arrived. A renegade was attempting to set up explosives on Vallorum’s platform where his speech would be delivered. The renegade was disguised as a member of the maintenance crew, but my friends discovered him and foiled the plan. The next attempt was at a weather control center where the renegades attempted to alter the weather patterns to destroy the Chancellor via harsh winds and lightning. Again my companions thwarted their efforts. Finally, the renegades made a direct assault on the Chancellor when he was making his speech, but my companions thwarted them once more and brought the Flail to its knees.

During the battle they faced Zegmon Pent only to discover that he was not a Jedi at all. Although he wielded a lightsaber, he had no Force capabilities, and was thus defeated by Geldar and Satchal. Tso Guihu also managed to help thwart Zegmon’s plot to crash a speeder into the Chancellor while Tarrsk, Brin’tac, and Nyarchagga helped keep the rest of the Flail at bay. With incredible skill Tso managed to pull the speeder out of harms way just in time to save everyone.

Shortly after capturing Pent, my friends learned while interrogating him that he was the apprentice to some dark Jedi named Savor Kibbs. Savor had left for Naboo for some sort of task, but before Pent could really tell them anything further he died in the most mysterious of manners.

I must go now, my friends are calling. I will write more later.

The End

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