Phantom Hunters 4: The Battle for Naboo

A summary of the Phantom Hunters 1st official mission and a brief account of the 2nd in which the Chancellor's Special Task Force begins to earn their code name as their hunt for the mysterious Phantom Menace takes them into the middle of the Naboo conflict... (as told through the journal entries of a newly introduced character, Lialla Tane.)

Mission Brief 01.0505

Having stopped the Flail from assassinating Chancellor Vallorum, the Chancellor's Special Task Force began to earn their code name "Phantom Hunters" as they departed on their 2nd mission to Naboo. Following reports that the mysterious Savor Kibbs had fled to Naboo, the task force pursued him with the hopes of learning more. As fate would have it, the Trade Federation began their assault just as the team arrived in orbit. Their ship was shot down and the team crashed on Naboo where they were forced to join the defenders against the droid army that was invading. Just after the innitial invasion force landed, the team met Lialla Tane, daughter of the minister of culture. She aided them in obtaining some clues as to Savor's whereabouts, but before they could set out to pursue, the invasion army struck. After the innitial battle, the team allied themselves with the Naboo rebels, led by Lialla's father, Minister Kyu Tane, in the hill country around the capital city of Theed and joined them in continuing guerrila warfare against the occupying force. During this campaign, the Phantom Hunters met other resistance fighters and mercenary teams and forged friendships with one team in particular; a group of students from Naboo's Royal House of Learning...

The End

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