Colosseum Escape

Brin’tac was jostled awake by rough hands hauling him to his feet. He was shoved through several passages into a piercing brightness. A thunderous sound filled his ears. When his eyes finally adjusted, he looked around and felt a deep sense of dread rest upon him. His arms were bound behind his back and he was standing in the center of the amphitheatre. Next to him stood Jin Tai Lo, Satchel Paige, Nyarchagga, and, much to his surprise, Kal-faj, all with bound wrists.

Before Brin’tac could question why the bounty hunter was with them, the voice of Cesar boomed out overhead.

“Gentle being, now for the main event.” The huge crowd gathered around the amphitheatre cheered wildly. “The Coliseum is proud to present the execution of five enemies of the Magnificent Zorba the Hutt. First, we have the Dug Nyarchagga who deceived and betrayed His Excellency. Next, we have the Bothan and two Jedi Knights who were responsible for the traitorous Dug’s defection. And finally, for an added twist of irony, the very bounty hunter who was sent to bring back the aforementioned thief. However, due to several past failures, she has incurred the wrath of the Glorious Zorba.”

Nyarchagga turned to Brin’tac. “I’m very sorry, Brin’tac. You are a true noble.”

“Shut-up!” snapped Kal-faj. She turned toward Jin Tai Lo. “What a surprise. My life was ruined by a Jedi and now it is going to be ended because of a Jedi!”

“Be at peace,” the Jedi master said. “Stay close to us if you want to live. All is not lost.”

“Release the Krayt Dragons!”

Suddenly, several loud roars filled the theatre. The small group turned to see 2 monstrous, greenish-yellow Krayt Dragons lumber into the open. Their flat, horned heads swiveled back and forth on their long muscular necks as they searched for their pray. Seeing their dinner only 40 meters away, the giant lizards simultaneously let out a deafening victory cry and began charging toward the small group.

“Quickly! Follow me!” Jin Tai Lo yelled and headed toward the barred and locked service entrance.

“Whatever your going to do, Jedi, you had better do it quickly!” Kal-faj shouted.

The Jedi Master reached into the sand near the door and pulled out several metal objects. Suddenly, the snap-hiss sound of a lightsaber igniting echoed across the chamber.

Jin Tai Lo quickly cut the bonds of the others, causing the crowd to gasp in unison. Jin Tai Lo then gave each of the group a blaster which he had pulled from the sand. As the dragons drew closer, Jin Tai slashed the door open and yelled, “Quickly, through the door!”

The Jedi master turned to face the dragons as the others fled through the door. The first dragon used it’s claw to slash at the fleeing group, barely missing Nyarchagga as he dove through the opening. The second dragon swung it’s tail in an attempt to knock the Jedi off his feet. Sensing the dragon’s attack, Jin Tai Lo leaped to the side, using his lightsaber to sever the tail. The dragon howled in rage and fell back.

The first dragon, seeing most of it’s prey escape, turned to challenge the Cerean Jedi Knight. As the dragon lunged and snapped at him, Jin Tai used the Force to propel him up and over the dragon’s head, landing on it’s back. Lifting his lightsaber high, he plunged it into the neck of the beast. In a last attempt to kill it’s attacker, the dragon rolled to it’s back to crush him. Jin Tai Lo dove into a tight roll to avoid the dying dragon’s death throes and came up into a crouch facing the tail-less second dragon.

Zorba bellowed a command and several trainers and guards rushed into the Coliseum from several entrances. Jin Tai, seeing the mass of guards rushing at him, dove under the remaining dragon and dove through the exit which the others had previously gone through.

Jin Tai Lo ran through the passage and burst into the quarters of the Krayt dragons’ keeper to see that Nyarchagga, Satchel, Brin’tac, and Kal-faj were standing over the unconscious forms of the Keeper and three guards. As he entered, Satchel spoke.

“Master Lo, as you guessed, Nyarchagga knows of several secret passages which lead outside the complex.”

“Excellent. Nyarchagga, please lead the way.”

Without any further urging, the Dug headed through the door leading to the main corridor. Shouting came from several directions as Nyarchagga led the small group through a maze of passages.

“We’re almost there!” the Dug shouted.

Suddenly, as they turned a corner, blaster fire erupted from behind them. Master Lo deflected several shots as the others followed Nyarchagga. But before they could go any further, three Aqualish smugglers pined the group down with more blaster fire. Kal-faj, Satchel, and Brin’tac returned the Walrusmen’s fire.

Nyarchagga moved a small, hidden section of the wall, revealing a hidden door. “This way,” he shouted as he ran through the open door.

Satchel fired his blaster, dropping one of the Aqualish. “Brin’tac, go!” Without hesitation, the Bothan sprinted across the hall. Just before he reached the door, a blaster bolt caught Brin’tac in his right side, dropping him to the floor.

Nyarchagga pulled Brin’tac into the secret passageway as Satchel took out another smuggler. The last Aqualish feigned surrender, but as soon as Kal-faj moved toward the door, he fired a hidden wrist blaster, hitting her in the left leg. Satchel quickly felled the third attacker as Jin Tai Lo caught up with the party.

“Satchel, carry Brin’tac. I’ll get Kal-faj.” The bounty hunter looked up at him in surprise.

The Jedi Master helped her to her feet and into the passage as Nyarchagga closed the door, leaving Zorba’s henchmen far behind.

The End

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