Pursuing Kal-faj

“That’s him,” Houk-qal said, pointing to an armored and helmeted figure walking away from the hyperdrive parts dealership. The figure was clad in reddish-brown light battlearmor made of Dewback scales with a matching helmet containing a long, rectangular visor. Across his armored chest was a bandolier with several round, metal sections in it. Slung across his back was a combination blaster rifle and thermal detonator launcher.

“Is your weapon set for stun?” Master Lo asked.

Without responding, the Wee-quay began walking toward the bounty hunter. Suddenly, Kal-faj broke into a hard run down a side street, knocking down anyone in his path. The Jedi Master and smuggler pursued, jumping over various aliens and street vendors who were unlucky enough to get in the way.

The bounty hunter turned into a dead end alley. Master Lo and Houk-qal rounded the corner of the building at the end of the alley just in time to see the bounty hunter ascending the wall of the building using a wrist activiated grappling hook. Houk-qal fired several shots, barely missing his target.

The Wee-quay swore in frustration. Master Lo gestured back down the alley. “I’ll maintain pursuit. Go around and try to catch up.” Before the Wee-quay could question the instruction, the Jedi Master gathered the Force around him and leapt to the top of the wall.

The bounty hunter was already several meters away by the time Jin Tai Lo reached the roof. Kal-faj turned quickly and pressed several buttons on his arm console. Suddenly, several small, flying droids detached from the bounty hunter’s bandolier and flew straight at the Jedi Master, firing small, but painful bursts. The Jedi dove to his left and ignited his lightsaber, deflecting the shots.

It took only a few moments to dispatch the small droids, but it was long enough to give Kal-faj time to return to the street and get lost in the crowd. If Jin Tai Lo had been anything other than a Jedi Knight, he would have completely lost his quarry. As it was, he lost visual contact and had to track him with the Force.

The Jedi stayed on the rooftops and used the Force to leap between buildings. The bounty hunter, seeing this, ran into a large city park. Master Lo jumped of the building he was on and closed on Kal-faj.

Pedestrians and other observers ran screaming in all direction as the bounty hunter shot of a thermal detonator from the end of his gun into the crowd. However, instead of reaching it’s target, the explosive flew into the air on a tendril of the Force and exploded next to Kal-faj, knocking from his feet.

The explosion was not close enough to seriously injure the bounty hunter, but it was strong enough to dent the Dewback armor. As Kal-faj regained his footing, he reached for his helmet strap and yanked the smoldering metal from his head. Through the smoke of the explosion, Jin Tai caught a glimpse of green, scaly skin and a bald head trailing a long, black pony-tail, once more fleeing down the path.

Master Lo used the Force once more to increase the speed of his run. The bounty hunter, realizing there was no escape, chose the only option left. Kal-faj pulled a small knife from his boot, grabbed an Ithorian bystander, and placed the knife to it’s throat.

The Jedi Master stopped abruptly in front of the unmasked bounty hunter and received his first look at Kal-faj. The first thing that the Jedi Master noticed was not the large, purplish birthmark covering the right eye, or the fact that the bounty hunter was a Falleen. The first thing that he noticed was that the face of the bounty hunter was the face of a woman.

The End

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