Unexpected Landing

The three companions sat across from the docking bay containing Kal-faj’s ship. Satchel whispered to Jin Tai, “Master, why did Kal-faj land at all? Surely he must have had enough fuel to make the short jump from Kothlis to Nar Hekka.”

“I have wondered that myself, Padawan. We may find out shortly. Houk-qal returns.”

“So I smell,” Satchel muttered to himself.

The Wee-quay came over to join the group. “I circled the docking bay. It seems my initial guess was correct. Kal-faj seemed to have some sort of engine failure which caused him to land. He has gone out to find parts, no doubt.”

“Then this is the perfect chance to free Nyarchagga,” Satchel said, fingering his lightsaber.

“Unfortunately, no.” Houk-qal looked at Satchel. “Kal-faj has his ship wired to explode if the hull is breached. The only way to rescue Nyarchagga is to capture Kal-faj first and make him open his ship. Perhaps a Jedi mind trick will make things easier.”

Jin Tai Lo frowned. The Jedi Code is clear that a Jedi must only use his influence over others when absolutely necessary. Brin’tac looked to the Jedi. “What do you suggest?”

The Jedi Master thought for a moment. “I believe that Houk-qal and I should go look for our bounty hunter friend while you and Satchel remain behind, in case he returns.” He turned to face the Wee-quay. “Do you know where to look?”

Houk-qal nodded, “There are only two hyperspace engine vendors in this area. One sells only new parts, the other, used. Judging by the financial status of Kal-faj, I suggest we first check the used parts dealer.”

“Good. Let’s go.”

“Master,” Satchel called, “I would like to go with you.”

“No, my young Padawan,” Jin Tai said. “I need you here. Brin’tac is no match for a trained bounty hunter and I would like you to stay here and be alert with the Force. Houk-qal cannot do that.”

Satchel looked at Brin’tac, who quickly looked away. “Yes, Master. I understand.”

As the Jedi Master and smuggler walked away, Brin’tac gazed at his small LK-17 blaster pistol and thought back to the helplessness he felt in his dream.

The End

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