Travel to Nar Hekka

The cockpit of the Wee-quay’s ship was made for two crew members, thus making it difficult for the three passengers to squeeze in. Brin’tac and Satchel hovered over the back of the seats as Master Lo sat in the co-pilot’s seat, assisting the Wee-quay.

“Where are we?” inquired Brin’tac.

The Wee-quay responded without turning, “We are entering the Shulmona System. I traced Kal-faj’s ship to here. He seems to be heading for the 4th planet called Molk. We should be able to catch up with him there.”

“How were you able to track him since he left Kothlis before us?” Satchel asked.

“I simply plotted the shortest coarse from here to Nar Hekka, found the residue let behind from Kal-faj’s jump to light speed, and followed. Also, since I have records on the ships of many of Zorba’s hirelings, I scanned various systems along the way for the false ID’s that Kal-faj frequently uses.”

“This should then allow us to find his landing site as well, correct?” Brin’tac asked.

“Yes. He landed in Otalalga City in the Northern hemisphere.”

Brin’tac was silent for a moment, then he asked, “I am aware that in Wee-quay society, you do not have individual names. However, is there some way you wish us to address you?”

“Call me Houk-qal.”

Brin’tac winced. He was familiar enough with the racial conflicts between the Wee-quay and Houk peoples on Sriluur to know that Houk-qal meant “Houk-slayer.” His uneasiness grew.

The End

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