The Wee-quay's Tale

“What!?!” Brin’tac exclaimed in surprise. “Who, or what, is Kal-faj?”

The Wee-quay looked at the Jedi and Bothan with impatience. “Time is crucial. However, since I don’t think you will help me without explanation, I will tell you briefly.

“Kal-faj is a bounty hunter sent by Zorba the Hutt to capture Nyarchagga and return him. He couldn’t locate him until he received a tip two weeks ago from a Twi’lek named Scal Lycrendis on Ryloth that Nyarchagga was traveling with a Bothan named Brin’tac Kyen’tir.”

Brin’tac looked at Master Lo, then back to the Wee-quay. “How do you know all of this?”

The Wee-quay looked intently at Brin’tac. “I work for Zorba the Hutt. Nyarchagga and I worked together frequently and developed a partnership. When I learned that Kal-faj had been sent after him, I made an excuse to Zorba and took my ship here to warn Nyarchagga. Unfortunately, I am too late. However, if we hurry, we may be able to intercept Kal-faj before he reaches Zorba’s Pleasure Palace on Nar Hekka in the H’toub System.”

Brin’tac looked to Master Lo, then spoke to the visitor, “Please excuse us for a minute.”

The Jedi master and his Padawan joined the Bothan in the corridor. Brin’tac whispered quietly, “What do you think, Master Lo.?”

Jin Tai closed his eyes for a moment. “It is hard to tell. Wee-quay are hard to read in the Force. He has an air of dishonesty about him. However, that could just be his nature. Nyarchagga had a similar sense about him when we first met. We should try calling Sra’akyin Electronics to inquire about his whereabouts.”

Brin’tac nodded. “Actually, they called first, just before you arrived. This seems to lend validity to his story. Also, I do vaguely remember Nyarchagga mentioning a Wee-quay acquaintance during his years with Zorba. Also, the braid of hair on his head is singular, thus indicating a very low rank in Wee-quay society, further supporting his story.”

The Jedi Master nodded, “Then we should waste no more time.”

The End

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