Phantom Hunters 3: The Bounty Hunter Chase

An account of Brin'tac Kyen'tir's search for his family and the irrepressable dug, Nyarchagga with the aid of Jedi Master Jin Tai Lo and his Padawan Satchal Paige in the months prior to the formation of the Phantom Hunters. (Immediately follows the events of "Deception at Ryloth")

The succulent aroma of fried Arnto eggs hung heavy in the air and slowly wok Brin’tac from his sleep. The Thought of his favorite breakfast caused him to quickly rise from bed, put on his robe, and head for the kitchen.

“Good morning. Did you sleep well?”

Brin’tac turned to his wife and gave her a gentle fur-rub. “Yes, thank you. What did I do to deserve such a delicious breakfast?”

“Nothing. I just wanted to show my wonderful husband how much I love him.” Vaqshi replied.

“Where are the kids?” Brin’tac inquired.

“Tal and Lorna are out playing in the back, and Calni is in her room sleeping.”

Brin’tac walked to the window and saw his two youngest playing Catch the Gnarl. It always brought a smile to his lips to watch his children play. Calni used to play with them too until puberty hit.

As Brin’tac began to turn away from the window, an ear-splitting scream erupted from Calni’s room. Brin’tac bolted to his daughter’s room and slammed his hand against the panel to open the door. A sharp pain hit him in the stomach as he realized his oldest daughter was gone.

He quickly turned and ran outside to find his other two children, fear pulsing through his veins. When he reached the location where his children had been playing moments before, he found it empty. In desperation, he ran back into the house to find his wife.

What awaited him made his heart freeze in fear. A dark-robed figure stood in the kitchen doorway with Brin’tac’s wife draped over his shoulder. The robed figure’s face was obscured by a dark, black hood. Brin’tac overcame his fear with rage. “Leave my family alone!” he bellowed as he charged the intruder.

The figure merely laughed and slammed his fist into the Bothan’s jaw. Brin’tac fell hard to the floor.

“You pathetic weakling! All of your political posturing and intelligence can’t save your family now!” The intruder turned and began to walk slowly away. Brin’tac tried to stand, but found his legs would not cooperate. Instead, he could only gasp in despair. “Noooooooooooo……”

The End

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