Concluding Notes

As Brin'tac and his companions are seeking to uncover evidence that will link Forn Ral'din to his little deception, Brin'tac receives news that the councilor was found dead three days after his meeting with Brin'tac. The death was a mystery that no one can seem to solve, for all that is known is that the councilor died of a fatal heart attack. However, the councilor was in prime condition and no poison or foreign element was found in his body.

After recalling his final encounter with Forn, Brin'tac begins to wonder if his death has something to do with Master Lo's death and his family's disappearance. Back then, he thought nothing of it. The councilor had simply died of natural causes, and he put the thought out of his mind. He never even told Master Lo and the others. Now, however, after Master Lo's death by the hands of a dark jedi, Brin'tac begins to suspect that Forn's death may have been linked somehow with this dark jedi, and he wonders why he hadn't thought about the connection before.

The End

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