Tso, Tarrsk, Geldar, and Nyarchagga sat in silence as Brin’tac finished his account. Geldar was the first to speak.

“Master Lo was wise indeed. I can see why Satchel is struggling so much with his death.”

Tso rubbed his jowls. “I had never thought about how Force-sensitive people see me. I hope my sense is not dark.”

“Don’t worry, my Sullustan friend,” Geldar said with a smile. “You’re sense is indeed very bright.”

“I still don’t understand one thing,” Tarrsk interjected. “How did you and Nyarchagga know to attack Scal at the same moment?”

Brin’tac smiled. “The Twi’lek language uses a mixture of speech and lekku movements. It is very similar to sign language. Scal told his men verbally to take us to the starport, but his lekku movement told them to kill us immediately.”

Nyarchagga continued the explanation. “I had seen that signal given many times during my time with Zorba. Twi’lek like to lower your defenses by telling you one thing with their speech and giving a death signal to their associates with their lekku.”

Suddenly, Satchel entered the room and approached the group.

“I would like to ask for forgiveness for my actions. Geldar, I appreciate your willingness to help me. I should not have lost my temper. I hope we can both help each other hone our Jedi abilities.”

He then turned to Brin’tac. “I would like to thank you, Brin’tac for reminding me of my master’s teaching. It seems you paid more attention to his lessons than I did.”

Brin’tac nodded in acceptance. “It takes strong character to admit a weakness. You will make a great Jedi Knight.”

“Thank you.”

“Well, if you are all finished, I’m going to get something to eat,” Tarrsk said as he headed out of the room.

The others followed, leaving Brin’tac alone, lost in one final memory…

The door to Forn Ral’din’s private office on Kothlis opened and Brin’tac Kyen’tir stepped through. Forn stood up from his desk.

“Ah, Brin’tac. It’s so good to see you. Have you found out anything new about your family’s disappearance?”

Brin’tac’s fur bristled slightly, but remained in place. “Actually, yes. I discovered that a conniving Bothan sent me on a wild onrat chase and tried to have me killed so that he could replace me, using my family’s kidnapping as bait. If I find evidence proving that this particular Bothan had anything to do with my family being taken, that Bothan is going to wish he had been swallowed by a Sarlacc!”

Forn looked indignant. “My dear friend. That almost sounded like a veiled threat.”

Brin’tac put both hands on Forn’s desk and leaned toward him.

“I’m sorry, ‘my friend.’ I didn’t mean to veil it. Let me try again. You have been pretty good at covering your tracks so far. But if I find out that you did more than just take advantage of my family’s disappearance, I will do everything in my power to destroy all of your authority, position, power, and money. I will make you so poor that you will drool at the thought of one slice of dianoga steak, and you will envy Jawas for their wealth. I will bring such disgrace to your name that your clan will deny ever hearing your name!

“Have a pleasant day, Councilor Ral’din.”

Brin’tac turned abruptly, and walked confidently out of the office.

Forn Ral’din stood quietly for a moment, then sank nervously into his chair.

The End

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