Shootout for the Kindor's Fortune

Nyarchagga spent a few brief moments at the control panel of docking bay 27. The locking mechanism of the door made a soft click as the light on the control panel changed from a dark red to light green. “Good old, predictable Zorba!” Nyarchagga gave a lopsided grin. “Now we just need to wait for our diversion.”

As if on cue, shouts and blaster fire erupted from beyond the door.

“Now!” yelled Brin’tac.

The door opened and Brin’tac and Nyarchagga surveyed the chaos.

There were ten smugglers total, all running for cover behind various shipping crates. Jin Tai Lo stood just inside the main doorway, lightsaber drawn, deflecting blaster bolts left and right. Satchel stood behind his master, also with his lightsaber drawn, preparing to circle the docking bay and take out as many assailants as possible.

Nyarchagga drew Brin’tac’s gaze away from the battle by pointing to a Twi’lek who stood near the ramp of Kindor’s Fortune, not more than ten meters from their position in the doorway. He shouted orders to two of his smugglers, then proceeded up the ramp. Before Nyarchagga could say anything, Brin’tac sprinted toward the Twi’lek.

“Pudoo!” Nyarchagga cursed as he chased after Brin’tac.

He had almost caught him when several blaster shots sent him sprawling to the duracrete. He quickly rolled to the nearest crate and drew his own blasters. He joined the firefight and soon lost track of Brin’tac.

The End

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