Outside Docking Bay 27

The four companions huddled together in an alley across the street from docking bay 27. Two Gamorrean guards stood in front of the door. The sound of sublight engines warming up could be heard coming from the bay.

“We don’t have much time for a plan,” Jin Tai Lo said quickly. “Any ideas?”

Nyarchagga’s gravely voice spoke first.

“During my time with Zorba, I oversaw many smuggling operations such as this. There is another entrance to the docking bay around the back. Zorba always uses the same formula to determine his entrance passwords. I can open the back door easily. If Master Lo and Satchel would be willing to provide us with a diversion, Brin’tac and I could come through the back door and prevent the ship from leaving.”

“That sounds good, Nyarchagga,” Master Lo said. “Now quickly, go!”

As Brin’tac and Nyarchagga hurried away, Satchel rubbed his shoulder.

“Master, how did you, Brin’tac, and Nyarchagga know to attack simultaneously? I was alert, but I didn’t see or hear any signal.”

“My young Padawan, you were alert to your enemies, but not your friends.” Satchel gave a puzzled look. Master Lo continued, “You must not only use the Force to sense your enemies’ emotions and intentions, but your friends’ as well. I acted because Brin’tac and Nyarchagga suddenly had a great sense of alarm about them. I do not know why. We must remember to ask them later.”

Satchel nodded in understanding. “One more question, Master. You sensed that Scal somehow knew about Brin’tac’s family. How can that be? We only just arrived on Ryloth.”

“That too remains a mystery,” Master Lo replied. “I believe that before this day is done, the answer to that question will reveal itself.”

Satchel simply nodded as he ran through his Jedi calming techniques.

The End

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