"The Dark Side"

“Are you sure about this?” Satchel asked warily. “I don’t want to go into anyplace called ‘The Dark Side’.”

“Do not be alarmed, my young Jedi friend,” Brin’tac assured him. “It is called that because Ryloth revolves around the sun at the same rate as it spins; thus causing half of the planet to be perpetually light, and the other side perpetually dark. Most Twi’lek society lives on the ‘dark side’ while outcasts are banished to the ‘light side’.”

“I still don’t like it.” Satchel muttered.

“Be at peace, Padawan.” Jin Tai Lo instructed. “But keep your senses alert.”

The Dark Side was a classy establishment, in Twi’lek society. Compared to the rest of the galaxy, it was little better than Chalmun’s Cantina in Mos Eisley, only 3 times as large. The room was dimly lit and smoky, giving it’s patrons the ability to conduct “business” without too many prying eyes. The entire building was divided into three equal sections. The bar was located in the middle section of the room with Sabaac and other various gambling tables on the right, and a stage and dining area on the let. The stage was currently filled with scantily clad Twi’lek dancers, their lekku (head tails) gracefully swaying and pulsing to the melody being played by the Bith jizz band in the corner. Lining the back and sides of the establishment were private booths with curtains drawn.

“Now this feels like home!” Nyarchagga said as he eagerly headed for the nearest Sabacc table.

“I don’t like this, Master,” Satchel said. “Everyone in this place has a sense o either fear, deceit, or anger. How are we to sense any impending attack?”

“A Jedi must learn to rely on his other senses as well as the Force,” Master Lo replied as he surveyed the room. “Come. Councilor Kyen’tir, lead the way.”

Without a word, Brin’tac led them to the bar. There were five bartenders in all: 1 human, 2 Twi’lek, a Rodian, and a multi-armed serving droid. Brin’tac signaled to the Rodian.

“Howww maaay I heeelp youuu?” it said in heavily accented Common. In response, Brin’tac rattled of several phrases in Rodian as he nonchalantly reached into his cloak and passed something to the bartender. The Rodian quickly pocketed the item, glanced to each side, and began preparing drinks. As he did so, he spoke quietly to Brin’tac so that only he could hear.

After a few minutes, Brin’tac turned to the two Jedi. “He says that Nad is part of a group of smugglers who work for Zorba the Hutt. They are still on-planet, but he doesn’t know for how long. Their ship, Kindor’s Fortune is docked at docking bay 27. We should…”

Before he could finish his sentence, a large, burly arm with long, sharp fingernails landed heavily on Brin’tac’s shoulder.

“The owner of this fine establishment would like a word with you.” As if to accentuate his words, a Barabel, a Wee-quay, and two Twi’lek, came up behind Satchel and Jin Tai Lo, their lekku twitching anxiously.

The End

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