Picking up the Trail

The chill wind howled in their ears and grabbed at their cloaks as the four passengers disembarked from the shuttle.

“Master Lo, are you certain that this anonymous informant said that we should go to Ryloth?”

“I am certain. He, or she, was very specific that on the night your family was kidnapped, a Twi’lek named Nad Dresnin was seen fleeing from your residence. Also included in the anonymous datadisk were copies of the ship log from the trading vessel Kindor’s Fortune, clearly showing that is was on Kothlis during that time, and had left for Ryloth that night. Also, according to port authorities here, the ship has been here for the last 2 weeks since the kidnapping.

“My friend, I know you are understandably anxious to find your family. However, I would caution you: this is an anonymous lead. It may only lead to a dead end.”

“Thank you, Master Lo. I will try to keep that in mind.”

“Master,” Satchel spoke up, “Did the datadisk tell where to begin looking?”

“No. However, it did mention that Nad was from the Lycren’dis Clan. They own a good portion of this starport and the surrounding area. We will begin our search here. Beware Padawan: the Twi’lek people are mostly spice runners or warriors. Not a good combination.”

Brin’tac interjected. “Master Lo, if my knowledge of the Twi’lek clan structure serves me correctly, then the Lycren’dis clan are mostly smugglers of the indigenous spice, Ryll. One of the five clan leaders is Scal Lycren’dis who owns a luctrative lodging/gambling establishment across from this starport. There are a few contacts I know from the Bothan Spynet who work there. They may be able to lead us to Nad.”

“Excellent!” Jin Tai Lo replied. “Let us begin.”

The End

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