Phantom Hunters 10: Legacy of Heroes

Being a record of the fate of the Phantom Hunters from their final missions in pursuit of the Dark Jedi assassin in the Cudaril system, through the Clone Wars and into the era of the Rebellion.

           At last my journey has come to an end, and finally I may rest. After all these years I have found what I sought. Here, on Kashyyyk, the last piece of the puzzle has been discovered, and now I may complete my records. The story is done, and I may give my full account of the events that transpired before the Rise of the Empire, the story of the Phantom Hunters.          

           Who were they? Upon closer review of my journal most would know by now some tidbits here and there. Throughout all the trials that my companions and I have faced trying to follow their trail you would see many things that give hints and clues as to who they were and the impact their lives had on current events.  However, much of their story has been told in other records.  Therefore, I will not give you their whole story from the beginning, but will pick up where those records conclude with the quelling of the droid uprising on Cloud City where they were wrongfully imprisoned and soon proved instrumental in saving many sentient lives. 

              With the deliverance of Cloud City from the renegade droids, Chairman Sil’karith of the Sprillious Corporation requested that the Phantom Hunters go to Cudaril. Sprillious Corporation was severely crippled by the uprising, and the only way the company would survive is if someone went to the Tala’cordin Trading Company for assistance. They were the largest trading franchise in the sector, and if they could make some sort of deal the people of Bespin would survive. Sil’karith needed to stay to help the survivors, so he requested that the Phantom Hunters take another ship to Cudaril to speak to the Tala’cordin Company for him. In return they would see if they could clear the names of the Phantom Hunters as well as get their ship back. The Phantom Hunters agreed, especially since they knew now that Master Orruwarr was in the Cudaril system.

            Before leaving, Sil’karith also asked the Phantom Hunters to investigate the droid manufacturers on Tuvalli. If they did he would even throw in a bonus, giving them the starship they would pilot to Cudaril. Besides this, Sil’karith convinced the Hunters to go by informing them that there was a Jedi Temple on Cudaril’s sixth planet of Ramna.

             The conclusion of the tale of the Phantom Hunters must be told so that the galaxy may know what true heroes they were.

The End

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