Chapter 2: Sullustan Solitude

After recuperating from the bacta-treatment, and a long, well deserved nap, Tso was finally able to think about and sort through all that had happened in such a short time. He mourned his friends from the Tienna. He remembered the fun they had and the tricks they would play on each other during down-times on their runs from one space port to another. They were all good people and didn't deserve to die the way they did.

That's when the tears began to well up in his eyes. He questioned his actions during the attack. Was he a coward for hiding while his friends were rounded up and killed by that black-robed figure? Should he have stood with them, though it would have surely meant his demise as well? It felt as if hundreds of questions flew through his mind. What was he doing here? Looking around at the other members of this group, he could barely believe the company he was now keeping. Jedi, soldiers, and upper class citizens. He didn't fit into the equation. Nothing more than a second rate astronavagator/pilot in his eyes. Especially after crashing the air taxi through that building on Coruscant.

But of all things that bothered him right now, was the fact that he took someone's life. Not just one person, but several. He never did anything like that before. Being a Sullustan, he was by nature good-hearted and peaceful. What would his family think? His father always told him fighting was wrong no matter what the reason, and nobody wins in a fight. And now he killed someone? Did they deserve to die? Sure, back on Sullust there was a death penalty, but that was for extreme circumstances, and rarely enforced. In fact, not even during his lifetime.

The faces of the people he killed flashed rapidly in his mind. The look of agony, the screams of pain. And knowing the fact that he ended their lives. He looked down at the blaster he was holding. He didn't mean to kill them. He never realized the power the weapon he held truly yielded so easily. Throughout his short career as a astronavagator, he ran into people from time to time bragging about how they had gotten the quicker draw on someone for one reason or another. How could they be so callous, so half-hearted about something so serious. How could they live with themselves and revel in their apparent lack of respect for life itself? Tso vowed to himself, not that he would never kill again, for he could not see the future, but that he would always try his best to use non-lethal means of subduing and adversary, which seemed to be around every corner now.

The End

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