Chapter 1: The Hunt Begins

Zegmon Pent, leader of the renowned Flail terrorist organization collapsed from the head blow that Satchal had dealt him, and at last the victory was won. The Flail was completely defeated, and the Supreme Chancellor was saved. As the medical crews arrived to help those injured in the fray, particularly the Supreme Chancellor himself, Vallorum directed them immediately to aid the heroes that had fought so boldly to stop the terrorists.

While Zegmon Pent's limp form was dragged away into custody, Tso Guiho lifted his head wearily. He was still dazed from jumping out of the air taxi and landing hard on the pavement. Every bone in his body ached, and his legs felt like Rodian Vorgsh, a delicate pasta dish with long, stringy noodles that Rodians often love to slurp up with their long snouts.

"Are you all right?" asked a medic suddenly bringing Tso's attention around to the young man that was now standing over him.

"I've been better," Tso stated in his peculiar dialect.

The medic either understood him or decided to pretend he understood. Either way, he didn't say another word. He merely stooped down to check Tso's vital signs. "A few broken bones and a fractured rib. You'll live. Is it okay if I take you to a medical facility nearby for bacta treatment?"

Tso nodded thankfully. Although he hated bacta treatments, he knew it was better than having broken bones and ribs. The medic helped him to his feet, then guided him over to the nearby ambulance. The doors were wide open, and Tso's new friends were inside. As he stepped in, they nodded to him but said nothing. They were all too tired and injured to respond. Between the crash and the battle with the terrorists, none of them were in the mood for conversation. As the doors closed, the last thing Tso could see was the cheering crowds beyond.

The doors to the Supreme Chancellor's chambers slid open, and Brin'tac Kyen'tir led the way followed by Nyarchagga, Satchal, Geldar, Tso, and Tarrsk. They were all well rested after a day in bacta tanks, and they now seemed ready to take on the Flail all over again.

"I'm glad you could all make it," said the Supreme Chancellor, and he seemed quite genuine. Next to him sat Master Mace Windu from the Council of Jedi. Once again the pair greeted the heroes and invited them to relax in the lounge-type setting. "I trust you've been paid by the clerk?" Vallorum stated after they'd all gotten comfortable.

Brin'tac nodded. "Yes, Supreme Chancellor. We thank you for your generous payment. It will aid us well on our mission to find the man who kidnapped my family."

"Speaking of such," interupted Satchal somewhat forcefully. "What about that Pent guy? What did you do to him? Is he connected to my master's death or not?"

It was Master Windu that answered in calming tones. "It would appear that your search has not ended so quickly, Satchal. Zegmon Pent is not even a Jedi."

"But he had a lightsaber!" exclaimed Nyarchagga. "I saw it. Only Jedi carry lightsabers."

"Most of the time, yes," replied Windu. "However, this man does not have the Force with him. In spite of what he believes, he has no mastery of the Force. In fact, the lightsaber that he carried was only an imitation lightsaber. If it had been used to deflect blaster bolts or even another lightsaber, it would have turned off immediately. That is why, Geldar, your wound from his blade wasn't as deep as it should have been."

Geldar instinctively touched his leg from the memory of the blade's sting. "If this man wasn't the one that killed Master Lo then was this simply a wild goose chase? Did he have nothing to do with the crime?"

At this point, Master Windu sat back with his hands folded in front of him. "We sense that he still has some connection," he said after a few moments. "Zegmon Pent informed us that he believed he was a Jedi Assassin. His master's name was Savor Kibbs. Savor founded the Flail organization promising to destroy the Senate and instill a new government under an all powerful ruler. Most of the Flail believe this ruler was to be Kibbs himself, but Pent believed that this was not true. He believes that Kibbs was working for someone else; an unknown master. Kibbs pretended to train Pent in the ways of the Force, we believe, to gain his loyalty even to his death. When Kibbs supposedly died in the battle between the Coruscant Security Forces and the Flail leaders, Pent took up his master's cause and fought to end Vallorum's life at all cost."

"You say, "supposedly," Master. Why is that?" wondered Brin'tac curiously.

Windu exchanged a knowing glance with Vallorum before he continued. "Kibbs is believed to be alive. A few months ago Kibbs was discovered on Naboo at the Royal House of Learning. He was attempting to pass himself off as a Jedi student, but his dark ways were quickly discovered by one of the students named Sia-Lan Wezz. Queen Amidala expelled him from the school and was about to have him escorted off planet, but he killed his escort and escaped into the streets. Since then he's gained another group of renegades that are causing the Queen all sorts of trouble. The Queen has been unable to capture Kibbs since she believes that he has made his home in the swamps, a place that a person can easily get lost in. We believe that Kibbs is the next piece of this mystery. If he is indeed the same Jedi that founded the Flail for the express purpose of destroying Supreme Chancellor Vallorum than we would like to know why and who he is working for."

"Will you go on this mission for us?" interupted Vallorum. "Will you go to Naboo and bring Savor Kibbs back to Coruscant for questioning?"

"I have one question?" interupted Tarrsk suddenly, much to the surprise of everyone. "What will become of Zegmon Pent?"

An eerie silence dropped on them almost immediately. "Pent is dead," Vallorum stated plainly.

"He died of a massive heart attack during his interrogation," Windu added. "We are, as of yet, unsure as to why. His body was still in peak performance."

Another eerie silence fell over the room, and for several moments no one spoke as they considered Windu's words. Then, at last, Satchal broke the stillness. "I'm going. If Kibbs is involved in the death of my master then I will see to it that he is brought to justice."

"Beware of those emotions," Windu instructed. "Remember...."

"Yeah, yeah! I know," Satchal interupted the Jedi Master harshly. "With all due respect, Master Windu, I've heard it all before. I know the path to the Dark Side. I've seen it first hand. I've lived through it. I will be in control when the time comes for me to be in control. Until then leave me alone." And then, without warning, he turned and stormed out of the Supreme Chancellor's chambers.

With a sigh, Master Windu bowed his head. "We must find that boy a master soon."

"I will go with him," stated Geldar suddenly bringing Windu's head back up to look at the others. "As you said before, Master, he and I complement each other with our differences. I'll try to keep him from doing anything rash."

"I appreciate that, Geldar, but be careful," instructed Windu. "You are yet a learner yourself. Satchal must choose his own path on his own. Do not attempt to make his decisions for him or he will only lash out at you."

Geldar nodded. "Yes, Master Windu."

"I think you can count us all in," stated Brin'tac after he was sure the exchange between the Jedi was finished. "This Kibbs is the best lead I've had in the search for my family, and I'm not about to let it go now. Nyarchagga is with me. As for Tarrsk, I believe I can safely say that he will go simply because Geldar is going, and as for Tso, I think he's just as eager to find this criminal as we are. You can count on us, Supreme Chancellor. We will find Kibbs and bring him back to you quickly."

"Be wary," said Vallorum. "The Trade Federation has blockaded Naboo. They will not let any ships come or go. You will need these clearance codes to get through the blockade. The Trade Federation wouldn't dare fire on you if you transmit these codes." He hands them a datapad with several codes on it. "However, understand that the Trade Federation is not to be trusted. They have been acting very strange lately due to the taxation of the trade routes. Keep your guard up."

"And Geldar," interupted Windu once more. "If Kibbs is discovered to be a Dark Jedi I urge you to seek assistance. Master Qui-Gon Jinn and his Padawan Obi-wan Kenobi are already on their way to Naboo. Although their mission is a diplomatic one, they may be called upon for assistance should Kibbs be more than a match for you. Be mindful of your senses. The Force will reveal to you whether Kibbs is beyond your ability to handle."

"If there are any other supplies that you might need, we will provide a few," offered Vallorum. "Good luck, and may the Force be with you."

The End

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