Tarrsk (Conclusion)

Tarrsk's alliance with Geldar and especially his Wookiee Jedi Master (known for their negotiations of peace between the Klataroosta and Shtish) directly violate his father's hopes for him, and therefore, Tarrsk's father has disowned him altogether. Without a family, Tarrsk has decided to travel with Geldar, his only remaining friend in the universe, in hopes that he may bring about a change not only in his people, but in others throughout the galaxy.

Though Tarrsk has chosen to follow a different path from his warlike race, he is still a Trandoshan, plagued with all the harsh character flaws of his culture. While Tarrsk is undyingly loyal to Geldar, relationships do not come naturally for him and others often find his mannerism offensive. In spite of his past experience, Tarrsk has a remarkable tolerance for Wookiees (though he struggles with prejudice), in large part because of his respect for Master Orruwarr and Geldar's friendship with them. However, though he respects the Jedi way, Tarrsk considers their peaceful personality unattainable for himself. He is, after-all, a soldier; born and bred to fight.

The End

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