Geldar & Tarrsk - A Mutual Debt

Tarrsk made his way back to the secluded place where he had left the Jedi, moving as quickly as he could without drawing attention to himself. The camp was on alert again, but this time all attention was focused within the main complex building. Tarrsk knew that if he were going to get the fugitives out, it had to be now.

When he arrived, he found Kylarra awake and surprisingly better. Tarrsk again looked at her in amazement. Geldar was attending her and both were surprised to see him again so soon. He wasted no time getting them to their feet as he explained the urgency of the situation.

Tarrsk led them across the grounds to a guard shack near a corner of the complex. The shack was all but abandoned as soldiers were summoned away by the alarms. Two guards in a tower on the wall were preoccupied and did not pay attention to a fellow Trandoshan leading two prisoners. Once inside the building, Tarsk opened a weapons locker and began to set explosives against the outer wall. He then instructed the two jedi to take cover on the far side of the room behind some heavy equipment as he set the timer.

At that moment the door opened and in walked Oktoth. When Tarrsk had escaped he had sent others to follow him, expecting that he would lead them to the jedi. Now they were trapped and outnumbered by several trandoshan slavers with a bomb ticking at their backs.

Knowing there were mere seconds before the explosives detonated, Tarrsk attempted to stall by challenging Oktoth to a one on one fight. He knew that he did not have a chance against his superior. Oktoth was one of the best trandoshan fighters and had proven himself on many occasions. Tarrsk only hoped that he could get the dangerous leader between himself and the explosives.

His plan succeeded, but only barely. With less than 10 seconds left on the counter, Oktoth had him pinned on the floor with his head about 5 feet from the charge and a knife pressing in toward his throat. In desparation, Tarrsk played the only card he had. He told Oktoth about the explosive that was about to go off. Oktoth lifted his eyes toward the wall. Seeing the counter nearly expended, he was distracted by sudden panic and Tarrsk seized the opportunity to kick him up and over his head. The trandoshan slaver hit the wall and scrambled to move away just as the bomb exploded!

Tarrsk, already on the move, was propelled through the air and into the guards using their bodies to break his fall and rendering them unconscious. Meanwhile, Geldar and Kylarra, knowing about the bomb as well, took action to shield themselves and when the smoke cleared, they helped the battered Tarrsk to his feet.

The hole in the wall was open, but Tarrsk had misjudged the ammount of explosives needed and the thickness of the wall. The hole was not big enough for his large body to fit through. Geldar and Kylarra had already squeezed through and Kylarra was working feverishly to enlarge the hole with her lightsaber, but her strength was all but spent. She wavered once again on the edge of consciousness even as she finished the work. Geldar supported her as Tarrsk began to push through the enlarged hole.

But suddenly Tarrsk hissed in pain as a blaster shot was heard from within. Geldar rushed to the Trandoshan and pulled him through the hole. His back was bleeding from a blaster wound and he was losing consciousness quickly! Geldar didn't know what to do. They were outside the camp, but he was the only one healthy enough to make a run for it.

At that moment, it was Kylarra who took control. Quickly, drawing from a hidden reserve of energy, she forced herself to her feet and stumbled into the forest away from the camp, ordering her son to follow with the body of the dying soldier. Geldar did as he was instructed, clearly worried about his mother. Thankfully, no one appeared to be pursuing immediately. Whoever had shot Tarrsk had not continued the attack for whatever reason.

They were not able to go far before Kylarra slumped against the large root of a tree and motioned for Geldar to take cover beside her. He quickly set Tarrsk down and went to her side.

Kylarra Tharn touched her son's face tenderly. Her eyes spoke volumes of love and tenderness for her grown son as she spoke. "Time is short, Geldar, and my time is done."

Immediately Geldar attempted to silence her, fear and sorrow flooding his being at her ominous words, but she continued.

"Do not grieve long for me, son. The force has a way of balancing all things. My life ends, but another shall be spared." She looked over at Tarrsk. "I see great potential in this one. He has a great heart that may yet bring change, not only to his destiny, but to his people. I foresee that he will be a great ally to you. Do not reject his aid in the days to come. I gave my strength to him once before and was not disappointed. I shall do so again without regret."

"Mother, no!" Geldar protested. "You are too weak. You'll die!"

"I have already died, Geldar, to all that truly destroys. There is only life beyond death for those who remain true to the light. See that you walk in it and release me to make that transition the way I see best; by making that transition count for something."

Kylarra seemed as if she wished to say more but she held back the words as if reserving her strength for one last action. Then she gently shoved Geldar aside and leaned over toward the motionless body of the trandoshan. As her hands touched his clammy flesh, she looked one last time at her son.

"Tell your father that my love continues by his side forever..."

With that, she closed her eyes and began the healing meditation that would bring life back to the young Trandoshan. Geldar could only watch in stunned silence through a veil of tears until his mother slumped forward. Reaching forward, he caught her in his arms and held her as she slipped away.

Moments later Tarrsk sat up, still weak, but alert. Geldar hardly noticed him, too wrapped up in his grief. He had come through so much to save his mother only to lose her so close to freedom.

Tarrsk knew almost instictively what had happened. But before he could voice his feelings to Geldar, a loud commotion was heard at the wall of the camp and it was clear that their pursuers were back on the trail! Tarrsk was not about to let Kylarra's sacrifice be for nothing. He was now obligated to live and he would not leave the son of this noble woman behind either. There was no time for emotion.

Grabbing Geldar's arm, he shook the young man from his grief stricken daze with words to that effect, then hoisted Kylarra over his shoulder and began to move. He was still weak, and it did not help, carrying the extra weight of the woman's body, but neither of them were willing to leave her after all she had meant to them both.

The journey upwards was long and straining, but their pursuers were called off quickly, having greater issues to deal with. The escaped wookiees that Kylarra had led to freedom, had returned with a military force to attack the compound and it was they who found Geldar and Tarrsk a few hours later.

After they had recovered, Geldar was visited briefly by Master Orruwarr who was strangely silent about his activities at the Trandoshan slave camp. All he would say was that he had sensed a presence that required his attention and had compelled him to take action alone. When pressed about Tarrsk's observation of him in Oktoth's chamber he neither denied nor confirmed his presence or it's outcome. This made Geldar uneasy, but his Master would say no more about it and he dared not push the issue.

Instead, Geldar took a leave of absence from his Master and made arrangements to visit his Father on Corruscant. Tarrsk insisted on accompanying him as he broke the news of his mother's death.

And so the relationship between a young jedi and a trandoshan soldier was begun, both pledging a mutual debt of loyalty to the other through their common bond; one losing his mother, the other a place among his people. Both guided by something greater than themselves, the pursuit of peace in the Galaxy.

That pursuit of peace would soon lead them through many adventures starting with a summons by the Supreme Chancellor on Corruscant to join with a small band of unknown specialists in uncovering the clandestine works of an uprising group of intergalactic terrorists.

The End

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