Tarrsk - (Trandoshan Soldier)

Tarrsk, a Trandoshan soldier, was born to a life of conflict. His father was a soldier in the Doslish, an elite band of soldiers. Because of this Tarrsk's father was always tough on him [and his egg mates] trying to prepare them to follow in his footsteps in the glorious hunt for wookiee pelts.

Being the youngest of his family and having no sister, Tarrsk remained at home when his brothers went off with their father to begin their training in the Doslish. Many of his friends also went off to war while he remained to hunt and protect his mother. This was a disgrace. All Trandoshan males were expected to leave home at the age of maturity (about 40 years of age) and fight for the clan while females remained behind to care for young, hunt food, and craft weapons or other goods that were needed. Only crippled or wounded males remained behind. But Tarrsk had no sisters and his mother was preoccupied with another clutch of hatchlings and needed help at home.

To compensate, Tarrsk took up law enforcement in his area and pushed himself to excel looking forward to the day when he could join his father and brothers in the war.

When a skirmish broke out between his clan, the Trandoshan Shtish tribe of Dosha, and the Wookiee Klataroosta clan of Kashyyyk, his best friend, Drik, was killed. Soon after, during a Wookiee shipping run to Dantooine nearly all of his brothers were slaughtered when they and several other Shtish tribe members ambushed a Wookiee freighter to steal its contents.

The loss of his friend and his brothers turned Tarrsk bitter and angry, especially toward wookiees! No longer able to stand by while others went off to the hunt, Tarrsk signed on with the Korss Ithhlaah, a growing Trandoshan faction of slavers more interested in profit then the hunt. Though the motives of the slavers were disgusting to him (Trandoshans consider money to be for weaklings who only want it to make their lives soft and lazy) and brought further shame upon him, Tarrsk saw this as the best way to get revenge upon his enemies.

It was on one of these slaver runs that Tarrsk encountered Geldar Tharn. This meeting with Geldar and his Wookiee Jedi Master eventually lead Tarrsk to make peace with his anger and he discovered the way of reconciliation with his enemies instead of revenge.

The End

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