Geldar Tharn - (Jedi Consular Padawan)

Geldar Tharn is the only son of Ambassador Toban Tharn of Corruscant. His mother was, Kylarra Donstagel, a Jedi Consular from Alderaan. The two met during their service to the Galactic senate on various occasions and when Ambassador Toban was assigned to Kashyyyk as the official liason to the wookiee homeworld, Kylarra joined him as wife and partner, using her jedi skills to aid him.

A few years later, Geldar was born to them and was soon discovered to be adept at the force. Not wanting to part with their son, the Tharns used their diplomatic status to convince the Jedi Council to let Kylarra train her son on Kashyyyk. Though many on the council rejected the idea, one Jedi Master interceded and offered a solution. This was Jedi Master Gawranoong, the most powerful and revered Jedi on Kashyyyk. The Wookiee Master offered to accept the boy (at this time only a baby) into Kormaanar the Wookiee Jedi Academy on Kashyyyk to be trained with wookiee children in the ways of the force.

This academy existed apart from the Jedi Council on Corruscant (though in harmony) largely because of the sheer number of wookiee students (having great respect and affinity for the force, nearly all wookiees receive rudimentary training on it) and to accomodate their difficult language. It was also recognized by the council that the wookiee culture embraced a slightly different (absolute moral) approach to the ways of the force and agreed many eons past that this powerful species could benefit from training their own students. Of course, wookiees were not excluded from the mainline Jedi schools either and most of those who go on in their jedi training eventually move to more extensive training on Corruscant to round out their understanding of the universe.

So Geldar began his unusual training in the ways of the force, growing and learning in the wookiee culture while making frequent trips with his mother and father to Corruscant on business trips and meeting other teachers and students at the academy there as well.

So it was that Geldar became acquainted with the political world as well as the spiritual. At a young age, Geldar learned the art of diplomacy and it's benefits and came face to face with the realities of galactic conflicts. As he approached manhood, he had the opportunity to accompany a few training expeditions to other planets with various Jedi Masters where he was supposed to contemplate and study. Though an excellent student, Geldar also found himself struggling with the passion in his soul for exotic locations and adventurous situations and even discovered some on an occasion or two. (Those are stories for another time. "Young Jedi Adventures" anyone?)

When Geldar reached the age of maturity (this is strictly decided by the physical "sexual" development of males in wookiee culture) he was sent on his Hrrtayyk, a coming of age ritual which often included a solo quest to the lower realm of Kashyyyk's forests to recover some rare medicinal herb or other object from the throat of a carniverous plant or similar predator. For jedi students, this ritual also ushered in the next level of training as a student was assigned a personal mentor who would oversee the completion of their training from that point on. In Geldar's case, the objective of the Hrrtayyk was to simply find his new master and request the tutelage. The master he was to seek was a reclusive wookiee Jedi named Orruwarr who made his home in the lower regions away from the new technologies that had infiltrated the peace and calm of the wookiee homeworld. Orruwarr was a purist in the Wookiee Jedi philosophies who had been watching this human for many years and had personally requested him as a student. Of course, Geldar did not know this as he began his Hrrtayyk and was somewhat disappointed at the objective he faced thinking it too simple. What he did not know was that Master Orruwarr's home resided in the base of one of the giant wroshyr trees. The journey down would pose enough dangers to equal any Hrrtayyk undertaken by a wookiee youth as it would take Geldar beyond the point that most of them would be required to travel.

As it was, the determined padawan nearly lost his life to the slow working venom of a serpent-weasel which had struck him as he passed under the tall brush on the planets surface. Sensing the Master's dwelling nearby, Geldar had grown overconfident and careless walking right into it. When Orruwarr found him, not only was the hairy serpent latched onto the boys arm with it's teeth and coils, but Geldar was also up to his chest in sinkweed, a swampy turf that entangles it's victims feet and drags them into the water-logged earth. Showing an amazing level of concentration and focus in the midst of pain and terror, Geldar had stretched out with the force and called to his new master as he lay there, sinking into oblivion! And so began the unusual mentoring relationship of Master Orruwarr and his new pupil, Geldar Tharn, now a recognized adult in wookiee society.

Restored to health, Geldar began intensive training under Master Orruwarr, moving into the master's abode in the sub-levels of Kashyyyk. Over the next 3 years he would be steeped in the deepest wisdom of the Wookiee culture, embracing their views on the light side of the force and it's origin. In those 3 years, Geldar saw very little of civilization, only seeing his parents once or twice a year. During this time, conflict between Kashyyyk and Trandosha grew to open war among many of the clans and tribes of the two races and many lives were being lost on both sides.


The End

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