Tso Guihu - (Sullustan Pilot)

Tso Guihu grew up on Sullust, and was the son of two very poor Sullustan traders. Because of their kind-hearted nature, Tso's parents never made much money, and they never travelled beyond Sullust itself. In fact, their trading was only limited to Sullust's small-town city of Dian Slote. Because of this, Tso was never very popular, and his peers often viewed him as the scum of the streets. Tso, therefore, spent most of his time in solitude, and he dreamed almost every day of getting away from Dian Slote and maybe even Sullust itself. Tso's dream was to travel the stars and explore new worlds where no one had ever been.

This dream led Tso to study starship navigation in hopes that he might get some job that would take him off of Sullust. Although his friends and family all scoffed at him for having such a dream (all, that is, except his parents who always supported him in everything he did) he never gave up. At a young age he completed his schooling and became a navigator for the Soro-Suub Corporation. Now he was able to leave Sullust behind, and one of his dreams was finally fulfilled.

But one dream still remained. He wanted to own his own starship and travel wherever he might want to go in the universe without anyone telling him what to do. Content, at least for the meantime, with his job at Soro-Suub Tso saved his money and waited.

Then disaster struck, and Tso's life was turned upside down. During a trip to Kessel where Tso's freighter was supposed to deliver mining supplies to the Kessel Spice Mines an unknown ship forced the freighter out of hyperspace. The unknown ship, with its powerful cannons disabled the freighter, and before a distress message could be sent the freighter was boarded. Tso, fearful of his life, hid himself from the boarders while the security officers on board dealt with the problem. However, the enemy was far superior and more in number, and they quickly took over the ship. Waiting for the right moment to strike even though he knew it would most likely mean his death, Tso watched as his shipmates were all gathered together in the lounge area of the ship where he was hiding. Pulling out his blaster, he prepared to fight when the leader of the pirate crew arrived.

He was a dark cloaked figure who walked with confidence and power. His face was shrouded in mystery, and Tso could not make out any distinguishing characteristics about him. The dark cloaked figure strode over to the captain of the crew, and before Tso could think to act a flash of lightning burst forth from the dark figure's hands and exploded right into the head of the captain killing him instantly.

Tso was shocked into paralysis. He'd never seen anything like this before. What kind of being could shoot lightning out of his hands? What could he possibly do to a man that could do that? His hands! That was it. That was what was different about the figure. He had six fingers on each hand, and each finger had a sharp fingernail on the end. This was no human. This was an alien.

Perhaps then this lightning ability was only something that this alien's race could do. Perhaps then he wasn't a Jedi of some kind as Tso had been fearing. Perhaps Tso could defeat him then. Gripping his blaster tightly, Tso kicked open the food storage locker he'd been hiding in and fired at the figure in black robes.

The shot never hit its target. Instead, the figure spun around, ignited both ends of a double-bladed lightsaber, and deflected the shots right back at Tso. The blaster bolts seared right into Tso, and he was knocked backwards into the storage locker.

Tso was the sole survivor of the Tienna, the freighter he'd been navigator of. When he came to, he found himself surrounded by Republic Police. They explained to him that he was the prime suspect in the murders of everyone aboard his ship since he was the only one left alive and there were no signs of boarders on the ship at all. He was then taken to a detention center where he learned that he was now on Tican-Oosta, a major city on Darga Prime. Although he told his side of the story, it seemed hopeless for Tso since all the evidence pointed to him being guilty.

Then as Tso was about to be thrown into prison his salvation came. Somehow, Tso is not sure how, a Cerean Jedi named Jin Tai Lo had learned of Tso's story and had come to hear it first hand. Tso recounted for Master Lo exactly what had happened, and the Jedi was quite convinced it was the truth. Shortly after this encounter, Tso was cleared of all charges when Master Lo's body was found dead in a carbonite factory. Supposedly, according to eye witnesses, Master Lo had been fighting a dark cloaked figure on a catwalk just above a carbonite vat just before he was stabbed with a lightsaber. Master Lo's blade was found later in the vat of carbonite completely frozen and unable to be used again.

But Tso had more important things to worry about. He was stranded on Darga Prime with no way to return to Sullust unless he spent almost all of his savings. Deciding he had no choice, Tso spent his savings for passage back to Sullust. Now he had to start all over, and his hope of ever owning a starship sank.

Upon returning to Sullust, however, Tso received a message from Coruscant. The Supreme Chancellor was asking him to go on a special mission for him! Tso was taken aback. How could this be? He was a nobody. Why would the Supreme Chancellor of the Republic want him? Responding to the message with a definate yes, Tso made preparations to leave at once for Coruscant. He never dreamed that his life would forever be changed because of this decision.


The End

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