Satchal Paige - (Jedi Guardian Padawan)

Satchal’s story actually begins with Master Jin Tai Lo, the young Cerean Jedi Guardian. Jin Tai Lo had just become a Jedi Knight and had never dreamed of taking on a Padawan so quickly after becoming a Knight himself. However, as he slept one cold Coruscant night, Jin Tai Lo had a strange dream that woke him from his sleep. The dream was of a young Padawan boy; his Padawan! The boy was skilled in the Force, and although he fiercely struggled with the Dark Side of the Force there was something about the boy that drew Jin Tai to him. He was important. Jin Tai knew that, and he also knew that the boy’s heart was right. In spite of the terrible conflict that he faced, the boy fought to remain on the Light Side of the Force even now.

Jin Tai struggled with this vision. There were too many things wrong with taking on this boy as a Padawan. He was shrouded in darkness; a tiny star in the midst of blackened space. He was too old. Jin Tai sensed that he was already at least a toddler. It would be dangerous to train such a boy who hadn’t received any training on battling against the Dark Side. Besides that, Jin Tai wasn’t even sure where to find the boy. He could search the galaxy, and by the time he found the boy he’d be an adult.

But Jin Tai decided that the Force willed him to find this boy, and so he requested of the Jedi Council to seek him out. In spite of the general uneasiness of the Council, they agreed that the Force was obviously guiding Jin Tai to find him. They would decide whether this boy would be trained by Jin Tai after he found him.

Jin Tai went out in search of his student, and two years went by without success. Seeing that his search was fruitless, the Jedi Council decided to give Jin Tai another quest since they believed that his thoughts were merely clouded over by emotion and the Jedi Padawan didn’t really exist. Therefore, Jin Tai was sent to a remote Outer Rim world called Kreen in search of a Sith Temple. The Council had learned of the Sith Temple’s existance after another Jedi had found an ancient Sith holocron on Rigell. The holocron told of the temple’s existance and where it was located, so Jin Tai was sent to discover the temple and destroy it. He never expected to find his Padawan in the process.

When Jin Tai arrived in the jungle where the temple was said to be located, he followed the Force’s guidance as he wandered. After a few days of searching he came upon a strange scene. Several scantily dressed men and women were chanting and yelling. They were humans, but they were far from sophisticated. Their manerisms were crude, and their weapons were primative. They formed a circle and danced about wildly. In the center of the circle was a young boy, only about five years old. He was tied to a tree that was being set on fire as Jin Tai watched.

When Jin Tai saw the boy he knew instantly that the boy was the Padawan he’d been seeking. Using the Force, he rescued the boy from his fate and together fled with him through the jungle to escape.

While in hiding, Jin Tai learned that the boy’s name was Satchal of the Paige clan, the son of Darta and Triast. Darta and Triast were chief priest and priestest of the Temple of the Gods. Their village was built at the entrance of the temple, and they were the only ones allowed to enter through the gates because they were given the gift by the gods. Satchal had the gift as well, and he was to be the next priest of the temple.

Satchal, however, hated the temple. Every day he could hear howls and screams coming from the temple, and he was frightened of the terrible visions he had about it. Whenever he’d enter the temple he could sense the darkness around him, and although his parents taught him to embrace that fear and use it to his advantage as their culture instructed, Satchal didn’t want to embrace the terrifying darkness inside that temple.

Finally, seeing that their son was a disgrace to them, Darta and Triast declared that their son was an abomination to them and the clan. He was not to be permitted to live unless he embraced the darkness. His task was to kill a young girl of the tribe in cold blood.

Satchal couldn’t bring himself to harm the screaming and terrified young girl. Dropping the knife he broke down in tears and began to cry. Furious, Satchal’s parents snatched him up and drug him out of the village to the tree to burn him when Jin Tai had arrived to save him.

Jin Tai was so impressed with Satchal’s story that he vowed that Satchal would become his Padawan if he was willing. He told Satchal all about the Force and the Jedi Knights, and Satchal’s heart soared. He had always dreamed of getting away from the dark temple. Not only that, but Jin Tai’s talk of honor and peace filled Satchal with a longing he’d never realized was there. Jin Tai convinced Satchal to join him, and he was certain that he could convince the Council to allow him to train the boy since Satchal had already proved that he could face the Dark Side and shun it even if he was already too old.

There was only one test that Jin Tai required of Satchal, and it would be a test that would be far greater than any master would expect for their Padawan. Jin Tai asked Satchal to take him to the Sith Temple and help him destroy it. Since a Sith Temple was no place for a Padawan, Jin Tai knew this would be a difficult task. Not only that, but Jin Tai also knew that the Sith Temple was something that terrified Satchal. In spite of this, however, Jin Tai believed that it would be good for Satchal to face his fears and learn to control them. With his help, Jin Tai knew the Padawan could succeed, and he would see to it that Satchal was protected at all costs.

Satchal did aid Jin Tai in the destruction of the temple, and it was far more dangerous that even Jin Tai had anticipated. Causing the near deaths of both Jin Tai and his Padawan, they finally escaped the temple after having thoroughly destroyed the evil inside.

During the battle in the temple, Satchal and Jin Tai had to face more than the Dark Side horrors. In the final battle at the Sith altar, Jin Tai and Satchal both faced Darta and Triast, Satchal’s parents. It was then that they learned that the entire tribal society that Satchal had grown up in was built thousands upon thousands of years ago when the ancient Sith Lords came to Kreen and built the temple. They brought a group of slaves with them and forced them to work for them. After unspeakable horrors were done to the slaves and their minds were warped with the Sith way of thinking, the Sith Lords left them to protect the temple with their lives. Only two minor Sith Adepts were left behind to oversee the group as chief priest and priestess so that the Sith would be worshipped by the slaves. The Sith fully intended on returning and taking their followers with them to use as soldiers in battle, but they never came. Now, the people have kept the way of the Sith strong in their culture, and they would destroy all who opposed it including their own son.

Darta and Triast were fierce warriors, and it took everything that Jin Tai had just to defend himself against them. However, the two underestimated their son. They believed he was weak and incapable of harming them. As the battle came to a close where Jin Tai lay on the floor half dead, Satchal sprang into action. Believing in the words of his new master, Satchal obeyed his instructions on how to control fear and tune into the Force. Then, with the Force aiding him, Satchal saw what he could do to stop his parents. The five year old boy sprinted across the room, grabbed up his fallen master's lightsaber, and struck a weakening support pilar. The blade of the lightsaber, aided by the boy's shear will, was enough to topple the pilar. As Darta and Traist watched with horror, the ceiling came down on top of them.

Jin Tai, though weakened, was strong enough to dodge away from the collapsing ceiling. Using the Force, the Jedi Master picked up the unconscious Padawan and fled the temple as it came crashing down around them.

After that fateful day at the Sith Temple, Jin Tai and Satchal left Kreen never to return. The Sith people that dwelled there were free of their horrible bondage at last. Now it was up to them if they were going to change their society for the better or remain as primative and cruel as before. As for Satchal, the Council was indeed impressed with his actions, and they granted Master Jin Tai Lo the permission to train him. Satchal spent a few years training in the Jedi Temple to learn some basic skills with the Lightsaber as well as some further training on the Jedi ways. His initial training was slow, and many of the older Jedi made fun of him often. Some, like Geldar Tharn, seemed to look down on Satchal as if he were a barbaric Jedi student. Geldar seemed to think that Satchal’s inherited violent nature and manerisms were more along the path to the Dark Side, and he even told Satchal that he would make a great Sith Lord some day.

Still, Satchal rarely saw Geldar since he was only a visiting student from Kashyyyk, and although many of the students at the Temple picked up on Geldar’s words, Satchal controlled his anger and fear well. As long as Master Lo were there to encourage him, Satchal found the strength to continue.

At last Satchal left the Temple, and his true training began. With Master Lo at his side, Satchal grew strong in the Force. Still, Master Lo found it difficult to keep Satchal from making rash decisions and violent choices. It was difficult to break the Sith culture that Satchal had come from, and often Satchal would spend time in atonement for doing something that seemed so second nature to him.

For the past year, Master Jin Tai and Satchal have been on a mission for the Council. Travelling with Brin’tac Kyen’tir and Nyarchagga, Satchal and Jin Tai have been in search for the kidnapper of the Kyen’tir family. However, because of Satchal’s recent merciless execution of one of Nyarchagga’s assailants, Jin Tai has sent Satchal to Dagobah to live in solitude so that he might atone. When a shuttle arrived on Dagobah to inform Satchal that his master was dead, the young Padawan’s grief was beyond compare.

Satchal is a young Jedi Guardian from a dark past. With the death of his master, he now struggles between the darkness and the light. Since his master was the support he needed to remain to the light side, Satchal is now suffering from grief, anger, bitterness, and confusion. He is uncertain now which path is the right path to take. Does he follow the path that Master Lo instructed him, or does he follow the path that his parents had chosen? To him, the path to the Dark Side seems stronger, but does he accept that thinking and betray the teachings of the one person that really meant something to him?

Satchal also has an intense dislike for other Jedi students particularly Geldar Tharn. He feels that many of his problems with the Jedi Temple students were based on Geldar’s snide comments. He has no idea what Geldar is like now, but he doesn’t care. He holds a bit of a grudge against him, and that will only change if Geldar can ever prove to him that he is not the same young man he’d been in the past.

Satchal is also untrusting of anyone other than fully trained Jedi. He even believes that Brin’tac Kyen’tir and Nyarchagga may have had something to do with Jin Tai’s death. Not only that, but Satchal also feels that he is responsible for his master’s death. If he hadn’t disappointed his master when saving Nyarchagga he would have been there to help him. The future for Satchal is vague. What will become of this young man whose past is so shrouded in darkness?


The End

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