Brin'tac Kyen'tir (Bothan Noble)

Brin’tac Kyen’tir was aide to Senator Prin Ay'laya of Bothwai, a typical political, backstabbing and selfish Bothan only interested in moving up the political ladder, until the day his family was abducted and the shallowness of his life was revealed.

That fateful day, Brin’tac returned home from a Senate meeting concerning the latest scandal against Supreme Chancellor Vallorum to find his home broken into, most of his security guards dead or maimed, and an incredible report of a mysterious cloaked figure who had waltzed in and taken his family without rhyme or reason. One of the guards reported shooting the intruder, only to have him unaffected by the blaster bolt. On the contrary, the powerful intruder turned on the hapless guard, waved his hand and with a burst of light, the guard was rendered unconscious.

After this life-changing incedent, Brin’tac spent a year of fruitless searching the length and breadth of the galaxy for his family with the aid of the esteemed Cerean Jedi master, Jin Tai Lo and his human padawan, Satchel Paige who were assigned this case by the Jedi Counsel. During this year, very little was uncovered about the cloaked being who had invaded Brin’tac’s world. Not even a motive could be ascertained as to why Brin’tac’s family had been a target and why they had not simply been killed. Only phantom rumors surfaced of a being with unusual powers drawn possibly from the Dark side of the Force.

Though they were relentless in their pursuit of every lead, still the elusive figure evaded them, until at last, acting on some information from an unrevealed source, Master Lo suddenly parted company with the others, including his young padawan, and was not seen alive again.

A few weeks later, Jin Tai Lo was found dead in the streets of Tican-Oosta, a major city on Darga Prime. Investigation and eyewitness reports only revealed sketchy details: two combatants dueling with light sabers above a vat of molten carbonite at a Carbonite Processing Factory, a dark, cloaked figure striking the Jedi master down and the remains of his lightsaber found in the vat of carbonite, destroyed.

Devastated and reeling from this second blow to his sanity, Brin’tac might well have lost all touch with reality, if not for others who had come to depend on him, not the least of whom was the young padawan, Satchel Paige, also bereft as he had lost his mentor. The other was an outcast Dug named Nyarchagga, whom Brin’tac had rescued from Zorba the Hutt during this same year of travel. The Dug had come to see Brin’tac as family and Brin’tac was forced to remain strong for both of them.

It was soon after this that Brin’tac, along with his friends, were invited by Chancellor Vallorum to utilize their experience in hunting phantom figures as part of a special task force against Inter-galactic Terrorist organizations. This task force: unofficially referred to as the Phantom Hunters, continues to hunt this mysterious dark jedi, uncovering new disturbing facts that reveal the depth of this insidious enemy’s influence and possibly even pointing to a greater threat behind him.

The End

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