Phantom Hunters - Character Backgrounds

A series of Character Bios for the Phantom Hunters Task Force containing key background information.

A long time ago in a galaxy far far away...!


The last free chancellor of the Old Republic came under attack as the weakening galactic senate began to consume itself with internal strife. During this time an untraceable phantom menace arose in the galaxy and could be felt as a shroud of darkside energy that clouded the vision of the Jedi Council.

As conflict began to escalate both within the republic and beyond, Chancellor Valorum and the Jedi Council found themselves pressed between political maneuverings and the growing shroud of ancient dark side powers embodied by the whispers that the Sith Lords had returned to the galaxy!

In the time just before the Federation seige of Naboo, Chancellor Valorum found himself the target of yet another threat as a mysterious terrorist organization known as the "FLAIL" attempted to assasinate him. In reaction to this new threat, the chancellor assembled a task force of young specialists to unmask the leadership of this organization and bring it to it's knees.

Thus, the "Phantom Hunters" were established. But this unlikely team was soon to discover that they were brought together by more than the wishes of a fading republic chancellor. . .

The End

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