Breaking Trust 1

     I can only see the tops of their heads facing me but I can hear their conversation. They seem too deep in the talk that they don't notice us coming in."...I told you. We don't have strings to the human world,"Lauren says,her voice is harsh. I have never hear that kind of anger lashing out from her before.

      "We don't get attached to them. We are just...using them,"Nathaniel growls through his teeth.

         "And the girl at the party last night? You two seem so close. Like friends,"the black haired man says the the word with disgust.

          "I assure you. We don't have friends from the human world. Celiette's just a human who thinks that we're her friends. She's weak. She's what humans call a loser." When Lauren said my name,my heart is pierced with a needle.

      I blink my eyes twice to assure myself that this isn't a trick my own eyes are doing to me. As if the other stranger senses someone watching,he tilts his head back and our eyes meet. It isn't long till Nathaniel and Lauren follows his eyes.They are staring back at me with the same expression as mine--jaws dropping, eyes widening, stiffening to statues.
I am still watching that stranger.The brown eyes watching me with curiosity. His shiny black hair sticking up in a few places and spiky that looks mostly like Nathaniel's. His skin is a sickly pale like he's made from actual silver yet smooth for doing an advertisement for skin products. His eyes are somewhat tilted slightly,giving me a hint that he's Asian.
"You..."What are you two doing here? I wanted to ask them but all I can blurt out is a single word.

      "Who is this, Codian?"the Asian asks,breaking the silence before anybody else. "Finally seeing someone?" Then I can feel realization settling in his brain. "The girl at the party?"

     Nathaniel and Lauren are still statues and they say nothing. " She's Dollface."

          I find myself ignoring the nickname and instead,walking down the golden steps from the left. With each step closer, I feel like I might slip off the stairs if I had not been grabbing onto the gold railings. My legs are becoming like jelly. "There's the human,"the Asian says as I near the small circle. "Here,in the Fallen School. " I feel his eyes raking over me. "There is a human girl in here. You do realize that,do you, Codian? You brought a human in here. You're breaking the rules for bringing her in here. " His voice is calm and gentle despite the words he's speaking.

         I stop in front of my friends."You're here."My voice is barely heard. Even I myself, can't hear it. It is as though I am mouthing them.

         Why is the Asian speaking like this is the first time a human has set foot in here? Aren't Nathaniel and Lauren humans? Then I remember the way they talked about me,referring to me as a human.

             "Celiette,"Nathaniel says with a nod,cupping his palm on the back of his neck. Everything plunges into an awkward silence. But I don't feel awkward. I feel anger boiling into my veins and my hands tremble slightly. They want to act out of instinct. They want to punch the traitors who toyed with our friendship but I hold them back. I have never wanted to punch someone so hard in my life.

            "Nathaniel,"I whisper his name back as if this is the first time I've seen him. A stranger. A guy who isn't my friend.

             "Nathaniel? That is a ridiculous name,"the Asian blurts out. "Awful if you asked me. And did she just called you Lauren?"

               "I suppose your name isn't as awful, Kyo,"he says back to the Asian without looking away from me. "Celiette, what are you doing here?" He looks over his shoulder to see Codian who is still standing on top of the stairs. "Why have you brought her here,Codian?"

             "You know this freak?"I ask coolly,flicking my gaze at Codian and back at Nathaniel. When he trains his eyes on me again, he doesn't answer. "How in the world did you get to know him?"

              He exchanges looks with Lauren. "They belong here,"Codian explains when they can't bring themselves to tell me the truth as he hops down from the top of the stairs and lands with such perfect grace. "The five. I see you've met them already but I'm afraid you got their names wrong. They are also the Lightseekers."He stretches a hand to gesture the Asian. "Sora Kyo."He moves his hand to Lauren. "Tyra Light." Then he moves gestures to Tyra's brother. They feel like strangers to me now like this is the first introduction all over again. "Savias Light."

              Savias and Tyra Light. Those are the names that I am not familiar of. They belong to the Lightseekers, not my friend. My friends' names are Lauren and Nathaniel Vaughan. I can feel blood draining from my face. "I thought you two were the Vaughans. Nathaniel and Lauren Vaughan. "

          "I'm known as Savias here. Nathaniel is just my human name from the human world,"Nathaniel--Savias--tells me.

           "You two are Lightseekers this whole time."I shake my head. "You lied to me. Everything was a lie. Our friendship was just a lie,wasn't it?" I look Lauren--Tyra--in the eye. "I told you everything. You two even gave me fake names. I thought you two were my friends."

           "Celiette." Tyra tries to reach a hand to my shoulder but I slap it away and jerk away.

             "Don't call me that. Don't say my name. In fact,don't show up again. And thank you,for making me think that I have friends for all these years." I turn on my heel and sprint for the stairs and out of the room through the hallway.I came though the portal and I have no idea where the main entrance is and how to get out. This place is a castle and a maze . I haven't realize that I'm sobbing till I feel the sting in my eyes. I allow a drop to fall and randomly push open a door,go inside and collapse to the floor. I curl to a ball,my arms around my bent legs,my head ducking between my knees.

            So they faked the smiles all these years? How could they lie to me? I told them my secrets,even the most embarassing ones to Lauren and they both kept secrets to themselves and even lied their names? What else are they hiding? How can they look me in the eye and lie and smile and laugh? Last night,when I gave Nathaniel his present,he was faking that smile too?

           I cry harder. After all these years,I always thought I always have my best friends with me. So everything was a lie. So Lauren had lied to me that her first crush was Dylan Richmond? Did Nathaniel lied to me when he said he would always want to be my friend?

          I hear the door swing open. "Go away!"I shout. I don't want to lift my head. It feels ten times heavier than usual. I don't want anybody to see me like this. But the footsteps near me instead of leaving. "Please just go."

         An awkward stroke of a warm palm through my back and then it smooths up a little. "Don't cry." I really did not expect Codian to comfort me. 

        "Leave me alone."My voice cracks and what's more embarassing is that he is the one who is seeing me breaking into tears. He doesn't listen to me. "What part of "leave me alone" do you not understand? You enjoy seeing me cry,don't you?"
       I feel him sitting next to me and lets out a very low chuckle. "Trust hurts so much,doesn't it? Just imagine one small trust can hurt one so badly."

       "Was that supposed to cheer me up?"I still haven't meet his gaze yet.

      "No. That was supposed to stop you from squealing and wail like a pig like it knows that it's about to get butchered."

      This time,I tilt my head up to glare at him. "I don't cry like a pig."


      I wipe the tears away."That's not funny." Okay,let's be serious about this. Everybody makes terrible sounds when they cry. But I seriously do not squeal nor have I ever wail like one when I cry. 

I'm not laughing my head off either." So he must really think that I cry like a pig...


The End

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