chapter 2

Doll face? I tried to tell him what my real name was but it came out as a mumble, he chuckled before saying "I don't speak mumble"and I rolled my eyes in return. I realized that he wasn't going to take his hand of my mouth so I stuck my tongue out and began to lick his palm, sure it wasn't hygienic but at least his hand was gone now. Codian gave me a disgusted look but I chose to ignore was way too embarrassing to talk about. "my name is not doll face, it's Celiette" I said, he stared at me and I stared back but I ended up looking over his body, he was really hand-"you should really stop drooling over me" he said snapping me out of my drool session "anyway we should get going"he said grabbing my wrist again "where are we going?let go!" I cried while trying to yank my hand out of his grip, he turned and gave me a warning look, I was frustrated but I obeyed and allowed him to pull me where ever he was taking us.

we walked for what felt like hours(but I knew that it was no less then thirty minutes) before we stopped next to an old looking building, I looked around me trying to find a way out of this but sadly this was the part of town that I didn't know. Codian opened the door to the shabby looking building which squeaked while it opened. I waited for it to fully open before peeking inside.

It was a simple looking place with the kitchen to the right. on the left was another room witch consisted of brown not to shabby looking couches, a black table was situated in the middle with the TV right in front. I also spotted some staircases at the corner"are you going to stand there all day or are you actually going to come in?" Codian asked and I gulped. I was about to go into an unknown persons place, I could probably get myself killed and nobody was going to find me...I think he would have killed me the moment he had pulled me out of the train, I mean it's not like he saved me to kill me...that's a bit absurd.

I took a deep breath in before going inside; I followed Codian to the lounge, my eyes searching for escape routes for just in case he was planning to kill me. "Sit"he ordered, I glared at him but sat down anyways.

"Tell me how you got that"he continued while pointing his finger at the ruby that was in my hand, I made myself comfortable before answering him "well, I was at a friends party but I decided to leave early and not stick there for long, on my way I bumped into Alden...I think that's what you said his name was, he looked frightened he then gave me this and told me to give it to the five and that they where after him, I tried to get him to calm down but instead he told me to run...which I did" I said telling him what I remembered, I didn't bring up the different language part because I was afraid that I was going to make a fool out of myself. "He didn't say anything else?" he asked while eyeing me suspiciously, I nodded more then I should have but it's either he knew I was lying or he chose to ignore me.

"Hand it over" he ordered his hand sticking out "hand over what?" I asked confused, he let out a sigh before talking again "the ruby, hand it over." I oh'd in my head, well wasn't that just obvious? I shook my head and held the ruby tightly which resulted in Codian lifting up an eyebrow to me"I nearly got myself killed today because of this Alden guy and this ruby, I find out people can fly so I think I deserve an explanation"I said, there was a three minutes silence before Codian spoke"fine,then you give me the ruby" I nodded and waited for him to speak.

He sighed before talking "that ruby that you are holding has the power to unleash the queen of phantoms, it contains power beyond anyone's dreams and if she gets her hands on it, you might as well go and find a different planet to live on, she will not hesitate to kill you" he began "what are phantoms?" I asked slightly interested in what he was telling me...okay maybe enormously interested "they are the things that you saw on the train"he said with disgust"then what are you?" I asked "I am not an angel, never have I been one and never will I be one, I am what you call a light seeker, but there is four more of us hence the name the five, our job is to stop the queen from getting it which is why we must protect it" I nodded again "so who is the rest of the five?" I asked feeling the need to know, Codain looked at me blankly"that is none of your concern" he said, I left it at that sure I wanted to know who they where but I might ruin my chances to get answers if I kept pestering him.

"Then how come are you dressed like that?" I asked looking at his clothing, Codian also looked at himself a frown set on his face "what is wrong with the way that I am dressed?" he asked his eyes now focused on me " know what?never mind" I said, I didn't want to tell him that his clothing was out dated but I figured that it would be rude and mean.

He nodded before talking again "okay I told you all there is to know about, now hand over the ruby"he ordered again, no please? I mused but gave it to him anyway.

Before the ruby was in his hand I heard it again

Mienda salle vartes menda.

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The End

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