I have already forgot the foreign words the man had spoken to me last night. I'm definitely sure that it wasn't Spanish. I stare at the object in my palm. A simple silver chain with a  lonely dark feather and a blood ruby,silver framing around the stone. It is the size of a golfball and the shape of a single teardrop.

         I have decided to take it to the police station. I don't want to own a criminal record. I was flipping in my bed all night when I thought that it could be a stolen item. I pocket it when I hear the whoosh of the train approaching. It is strange though. The train station is deserted.Shrugging it out of my mind,I step in as soon as the doors open. I have to stand since all seats are taken.

      The doors close and for an instance,I want to spring out of the train when all the passengers are staring at me. All of them. They grin at me,. The smiles you can find on the killer's face right before they take the blow. Then, slowly, they rise out of their seats and stride toward me. 

         The smiles start to get bigger and bigger until the corners of their lips rip open like paper. They reveal their razor teeth that are too large for their mouths,even longer than my own fingers. A scream forces its way out of my mouth and I distance myself from them.Their eyes roll back into their heads. Their eyes are now a complete black.
          What are they?
It is then when the high pitched sound of metal scraping crashes in to join my scream.

         Please make it stop.

Something hauls me out through the damages of the doors.

        "Am I dead?"I ask the blurry figure in front of my eyes.
         When my vision finally adjusts,I realize that I had spoken to an angel. A slight glow is surrounding him. I can't help but stare at the unearthly being before my eyes. A set of eyes,almost the colour of midnight and spiking flecks of brown circling around the irises are watching me. I let my eyes trail over his lightly tanned skin and flawless facial features--a strong, hard jaw, high cheekbones, perfect eyebrows, long and darkened eyelashes. His shining, tousled, tangled onyx black hair nearly blocking his eyes. He is stunningly beautiful,even the male models and superstars can't compare to his unearthly beauty.The flawless soft lips of his part. "Done drooling over me yet?"he asks in a deep voice.

         I realize that I'm off the ground the entire time. He is lifting me in his arms,holding me against his muscular,broad, rock-hard chest as he walks. Doesn't my weight bother him? I can feel my face starting to heat up. "Are you an angel taking me to heaven?"I ask. 

         He laughs. The sound has a mocking tone to it and my face is boiling already. "Angel,"he repeats. "I get that I'm sexy but don't you think that calling me an Angel"

          The memory starts to come back,whacking my brain. The wide-mouthed creatures. They attacked me.Wait,something pulled me out just in time. "Who are you? What are you doing? Let me go."

            "That's a way to show your saviour gratitude. You know,once when someone saves other people's lives, they'd say thank you."
             "Saviour?" I look at him. "The people back in the train..."I trail off,remembering the scary faces and the unusual grins and shudder at the image. "They don't seem to be human,"I say,feeling both dumb and awkward. "But if they are not humans, then what are they?"I wonder out loud.
              He sets me to my feet. "You're welcome,"he says,rolling his eyes at me. This time,I have a good look at my saviour.His shoulders broad. He is lean but his body is made of  hard muscles. He probably is one of the tallest man I have ever seen,probably around 6'7". I must be a dwarf to him. That body tells me that he must have been working out in the gym for several hours. But the strange fashion is really bothering me. He is wearing a long cape-like coat,something from centuries ago,the long sleeves hiding the muscular arms, and dresses black from from head-to-toe. The leather boots make him look even taller."Quit drooling over me and start explaining why you have this with you."He holds up the necklace. The stone and the feather looping around his long fingers.
             The ruby winks once at me. "Give it back."
            "Who gave this to you?"he demands a little more harsher. "Did Alden gave this to you? Why did he give you this?"

            "I don't know who you're talking about. He didn't tell me his name!"

           "Alden,"he repeats firmly but softer this time. "The man with natural white hair,"he says patiently as he sweeps his hair to a side. Natural white hair. The man last night had the unusual silvery white hair. When I say nothing, he presses,"He gave this to you. When did that happened?"

             "Last night,"I answer. Why is my voice trembling? 

           His eyes squint into a glare at me. "We have much to talk about." He tips his head lazily. "Let's go." He grabs my arm tightly and pulls me along like I'm supposed to be his dog. What makes him think that he can just simply grab people and haul them around? How dare he?

              "Let me go or I'll call the cops!"I have never pull a threat out ever in my life. Ever. And he changed that for me. I try to halt my feet but I keep staggering. "I said,let go! I don't even know you. Help!" And even when I know that nobody can hear me but I try.

                He stops in his tracks and turns around to face me. A palm seals off my screams. The warmth of his hand heats my skin and I can't tell if I'm blushing. He winks at me. The anger gone already and I nearly grimace at his sudden change of mood. "The name's Codian, Dollface."

The End

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