It was just a party at a friend's.One quick decision to leave so soon made everything in my life change. But if I hadn't left at that very time,I would not have met him...

  The sky is a complete orange with ribbons of pink.  I check my hair in the mirror one last time. It is an instant regret that I had agreed to even go to my best friend,Lauren's house,for a party. Lauren and I swore that we'd be blood sisters from the very beginning and that tie have brought us together and now. 
   When I get there,the sky has already turned into a blazing pink. Outside,the loud blaring of R&B rocks my ears. I keep a mental note to remind her to keep the music down just a little more in case the neighbours come knocking on the door and complain. The door opens and I nearly gasp at how beautiful my friend is. Compared to her,I'm just me. I'm just the plain and simple Celiette. Lauren is just the diva. Her golden hair is braided and her skin is just smooth and she always gets me envious of her seductive smile and her deep sea green eyes. I always wanted to have sea green eyes but I was born with dark chocolate eyes. The only thing that is quite the exception is the light dusting of freckles on her cheeks. "Ciel,you made it!"she squeals,wrapping her tiny arms around me tight. 
   I hug her in return. "I told you I'd come. You know, you're gonna wake up the neighbours."
   She releases me from her tight embrace and rolls her eyes at me."Duh. It's a party. It can't hurt to have some fun. Come in,come in!"She pulls me inside and even though I'm not comfortable with parties, I don't say it to Lauren. The beatings of the music makes the whole entire place pulse as if there is an earthquake. I wish I can just hide in the bathroom till the party's over. I can't help staring at how Lauren looks in that elegant blue dress that goes good with the colour of her eyes. Even though she's a few inches shorter,she looks incredible in high heels and sometimes if we hangout, I feel envious of her. I don't usually linger around her in fear of the criticism I'd receive. 
    I should have worn the skirt,I thought as I look down at my boots,jacket and my loose T-shirt. We squeeze through the dancing bodies that are losing themselves in the music. "Where's the birthday boy?" I shout over the music.
    "What?"she shouts back as we continue to make our way inside. 
     "Where is Nathaniel?"I shout again. Nathaniel shares similar features to his sister but there are also the differences between the two. He has the same sea green eyes. His hair is always spiky and his hair is naturally gold like Lauren's but he dyed it to a much darker colour,almost close to brown. He is quite tall,taller than his sister and muscular and that's a reason why he's the best on the football team. Like his sister,he is good-looking and gorgeous. 
      "He'll be down in a minute."
       I hand Lauren a present once we're safe from the crowd in a corner of the room where it is much quiet. "Here. Okay,I know the wrapping is terrible but I spent hours trying to patch it up."It isn't a lie. I am the worst in wrapping presents. 
       She snatches it away from my hands and flip it up and down. "Thanks. And yes,you really do suck at wrapping presents. So what did you get for Nathan?"
        I smile at her wickedly and punch her lightly on the arm. "If I tell you,I'd have to kill you."
        "No,you won't."She returns the evil grin.
        "And what makes you think that I won't pull a bullet in your head?"
       " 'Cause you love me."
       "Point taken."

       Nathaniel makes his way toward us,hanging a huge grin when he makes it. "Glad you came,"he says to me and hugs me.
         I hug him back. "Hey. Happy birthday."
         He lets go and rubs his palms together. "Now where is my present?"
        Lauren passes the ugly out-of-shape thing to him and I think that my cheeks are red in embarassment. "Sorry about that."
        He takes it and smiles wider at me. "Still working on it?"
        I smack his shoulder lightly. "I don't do presents and gifts,okay? Now quit complaining and mocking and open it already,"I say as I turn away,pretending to look interested in the bodies of the dancers that are enjoying their time to hide away my flushing cheeks.
        His face lightens up in the brightest as the wrapper comes undone. Nathaniel slaps the wrapper on his sister's hands and hugs the jacket to his chest. It is matching the colour of his eyes and at the back of it,it says: I LOVE FOOTBALL.
"Aww. Thanks,C. I love it. It's the best." He leans closer to me as if sharing a secret. "She got me a pair of socks."
        "Hey,I heard that,"Lauren says,elbowing Nathaniel at the arm.

        After minutes on insisting that I should leave early and walk home,Lauren and Nathaniel finally let me go. I feel bad for not staying longer but I always excuse myself when I want or need to. 
         As I make a turn, something slams hard into me that my breath catches in my throat. I catch a glimpse of white hair of the man right before I fall. My side hurts and I gasp at how hard the pain is with just one little movement. "Sorry,"he apologizes. The words coming out from his mouth in a rush. 
         I look up to see him. Under the dim lights of the street lamps,I can see that he is quite fair skinned. His white hair,almost the colour of his skin,gleaming silver under the lights. He seems to be in his early twenties. His blue shining eyes gazing at me and back behind him and then back to me. He looks seemingly in  a hurry. A white hand stretches out to me. He hauls me up with so much force. Shoving something into my palm and curl my fingers quickly that I don't even have a chance to see it,he speaks something to me in a hurry that I almost didn't catch what he is saying."Take this. Don't give it to anyone except the five.Tell the five that they've caught up with me and--"
            I try to calm him down. Slowly, I try to release my hand from the stranger. I know that I'm hopeless but I try my best to try and be a little helpful. "It's okay. Who's the five? Who's after you? I'll call the cops,"I say,already reaching into my pocket for my cell.
             He shakes his head as if I don't understand him and vice versa. He pulls me close and whispers in a language I'm not familiar with,"Meinda salle vartes merida." He pulls away and gives me a light shove. "Run,girl." When I don't react as I'm told to do,he shouts,"Go! Now!" A slight shiver makes its way down my spine at the urgency.
              A thought hits my brain,slamming over and over again. My God,what have I gotten myself into? This guy could be a crazed nutcase or a psychotic killer for all I know. He may be chased by the cops right now. I thought of screaming for help but my throat feels so dry so I take the cue to turn and run without looking back. My heart creating an earthquake inside my chest,my hand clenching into a fist around the object he gave me.


The End

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