A Place Uncharted (Its' Only the real World)Mature


                Following Luther was like following a freight train with course end out of sight.  His thoughts never ceased.  Rori took one last lap around the apartment, shutting out lights, making sure the thermostat was set.  The wood snapped as her toes bent upon it.  This didn’t faze Luther; he lay on the black leather couch curled against the back frame.  Rori stepped closer to him even though haste wouldn’t have made the difference. 

                How long was until she would give up on him?  How long until their lives could be, would be normal?  Yet, they never really were.  It was lost hope that she swallowed down as her fingertips brushed his cheek. 

                Sliding his auburn mane from his visage, Rori bent and pressed her lips against his roughed cheek.  Even as he slept distress rained over his body, radiating his person.  Wine shades stroked his eyes, his clothes were worn, his face scared.

                “I love you Luther Arik, always.” 

                With those strained words, Rori left him.  His body seemed to burn at her touch so she didn’t bother to cover him. 


As she dipped into her own unfathomable dreams, sleep begged to escape her.  Waking several times in the night from the nightmares that hadn’t haunted her in over three years, her conscience was wearing thin.  Who was Kori, and why hadn’t the blessing worked?  Was Luther right?  Of course he wasn’t, she had to accept her partner was crazy, insane, out of his mind!  Who was he to say he had been to Heaven and saw misery?  Heaven was utopia….he was insane.

Rori rose from the divan, rest was beyond her.  She was determined to push these thoughts out.  A glass of water would saturate her parched throat.  Rori wafted to the kitchen and was met by Luther, arms spread in the hallway, his body a barrier through the hallway.

“I’ve been thinking.  You know, about us.  And I just wanted to tell you that I owe you.”  Luther swallowed hard, the lump in his throat growing as his dignity shrank.  “I owe you big Rori.”

Rori inhaled his intoxication.  He stood shirtless before her in a new pair of jeans, hair damp against his shoulders, face cleanly shaven.  And obviously, he had found his way to the sweet essences she craved.

“Uhm,” Rori tensed, avoiding the irises peering down upon her.  “Can I talk to you about something important?”

Luther shrugged, silently praising her for not asking him to repay her. 

“Just let me get some clothes on….and bring you a shirt.”  Rori slipped away for diminutive moments before bring back a hoodie and a black shirt for him.  “Let’s go for a walk.”


Walking along the dim streets, Luther and Rori stayed at the other’s side.  Dark allies filed down the sidewalk as small café’s shut their lights out.  Midnight was just around the bend, but still they pressed on, unaware of a destination. 

Gazing up at the skies, Luther pressed his lips together in fury.  Running the tip of his tongue across his upper lip he switched his gaze to Rori who was idling along next to him.  Her chocolate tresses curved in the breeze as she focused on the gray tiles.  Truly, she had grown to be the woman Luther never thought possible of the dim-witted cheerleader.

“I’m ashamed of my past.”  As if reading his mind, Rori blinked up into his eyes then transfixed on the ground below as they ventured across the street.  “I never really wanted to be the girl no one wanted to listen to because I was simply that annoying.”  She thrusts her balled fists through her unzipped hoodie.

“You weren’t that bad Ror.”  Luther assured her and the two laughed softly.

“Well, I wasn’t as bad as you.  But you intrigued me so much.  I wanted to know you, know your ways…your lifestyle.  I mean, I came from a wealthy family, you came from no where.  I was raised to read inside the margins, you read right to left.  We were so different and I wanted so badly to know you.  Now I see why.” 

Rori stopped dead in the road, Luther trailing ahead slightly then turning on his heel to face her once more.  “Because you are different Luther.  There is something about you I can’t let go of.  It’s eating at me….and tearing me the fuck apart.”  She became aggravated, her tone changed abruptly. 

“Rori…”  Luther posed against the cool air of the night, his irises fading slowly.  “Rori…”  He murmured once more as she continued her rant. 

Luther’s pupil enlarged suddenly and shrank with haste.  His emeralds glowered then swelled into the blackness of his pupil;  For flying high above Rori off in the distance was a sinister creature with wings like a bat and eyes as crimson as blood.  Luther spotted it far off but Rori failed to heed his warnings. 

With one last attempt he shouted, “Rori, for fucks-sake, get down!” and kneeled swiftly as the creatures bent wings slapped at the thin air above then, circling them first then turning to swoop over them once more.  Screeching heavily it dropped to the pavement between them.

Rori’s ear splitting scream met Luther’s ears as he stood once again.  This being fell back as if the noise had split its drum.  The creature was indeed female.  The cobalt robes lacing her feminism hugged every curve, but the hood gave her face a peculiarity.  Crimson tresses flowed from the bleakness as the wings sank into her back; Luther knew immediately who this was.  

Rori met Luther’s side, nails piercing his arms as fear washed over her.  Kori screeched at them once again as she regained full balance.  “Silence, lost souls.”  Her tone was commanding and strong.  “I have been sent to deliver this message.  Arik, Sechs Luther, you have broken our barriers and there for you will become an illusory figment of your world.  No longer can you inhabit this dominion, Lucifer calls upon you, but let him do as he pleases…Anytheth is a place for immortals and men alike.  Vyrbaetum, your so called Heaven, will eventually become…your final destination.  Take this message sincere Luther, for by the stroke of midnight, you will cease to exist.”

Kori’s wings burst from her back once more, and as abruptly as she came…she was gone.


The End

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