Shutting DownMature

Rori dropped her keys among the counter top.  Sifting through the mail as Luther took a seat at the bar, shedding her jacket, seconds after she took a seat just across from him.  "I suppose you want me start from?"

                Luther trailed back...what was the last thing he remembered?

                "THEN DO IT!"  Kori screamed back at him, rage streaming through her blood.  "But I can't get out of you!  And you can't get rid of me!"

                "The institution, I remember waking up there the night following the day you asked for my painting."

                Rori gave him a peculiar look, glancing down at the granite; she folded her hands and drew in a sharp breath.  "There is just no way I can tell you all that has happened over the course of six years.  I can tell you this; no one knew what happened to Luther Arik.  You disappeared off the map for three years.  Your mother wouldn't even tell me where you were."  Rori swallowed hard, blinking back the tears.

                "After our senior graduation you tracked me down, or at least that's what you said.  I was a fool for you in high school, so immediately; I dropped everything and married you.  Losing you for three years was hard, I admit now, you were my only friend.  Like every other love-starved girl in the world...I was head-over-heels for you again."  The lump hung in her throat.

                "You changed, simply that.  You took away everything I thought I knew about you.  You were unhappy.  But, most rushed marriages don't last so...that was my excuse.  I pushed it, I was in love with you...but you know that don't you."  Sniveling, Rori wiped a tear from the bridge of her nose.  Never had she looked up from the counter top.  "Somehow I knew you never wanted to be with me."  She raised her head suddenly, shattering his dignity with those heart-broken irises.

                "And then, you started to have dreams...nightmares of some sort...and so did I.  It began with Kori, and it never ended.  She continued to eat away at you.  Depression forced me to research demons, devils, fiends...whatever you call them.  And Luther," Rori took his hands in hers.  "I know you're haunted by her, but we can stop this.  With God's help and..."

                Luther tore from her grasp.  "No, something tells me all these years you weren't following me Rori.  Did I tell you nothing about Heaven....Hades?"

                "Luther?  What are you talking about?"

                Luther rose from his seat, whipping around to face her once again, placing his palms flat on the counter.  "I saw him Rori, both of them.  God, he calls himself Omega, and I'm not sure what Lucifer goes by.  It was amazing.  But I know in my heart, Omega is not biding in our favor." 

                "Now you're just being crazy if you really think I'm going to believe you had an out of body experience.  I'm not a stupid teenage girl anymore, ok."  Rori rose also, taking her dignity with her.

                "No, Rori," Luther caught her forearm, winding her around to face him.  "You have got to believe me.  I know I'm not crazy, it happened."

                Rori scolded him with her eyes, her tearing from his grasp.  "Then explain to me, just how long were you gone, Luther?"

                Swallowing hard Luther took in the sudden insanity.  "...A day, maybe."

                "Uh huh, and I'm not buying it."  Rori turned on her heel and wafted to the living room.

                Luther followed her anxiously and leaned over the back of the couch as she fell into the ashen cushions.  Without warning, something clicked in his mind.  Luther took her neck into his hands, staring dead on into her heeding eyes.

                "Chemistry, the day we were watching that video.  It wasn't even about chemistry Ror.  Don't you remember?  Mr. Hartzler was so angry with us because no one could tell him what the c stood for in E=mc squared.  Don't you see it Rori, anything that travels the speed of light is not aging at all.  Time is standing still."

                "And as for Kori, she pulled me into that dominion.  I was meant to have her, to be there, at any cost to me.  Six years, you were without me.  In six years my mother went crazy."  Tears formed in his eyes and Luther was no longer looking into Rori's but past them.  "Six years in one day."



The End

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