"Luther...just take the damn pills, please."  The woman set strewn across the bathroom floor, cradling her son's head in her palms tears beat against her lids.  "C'mon baby...please."    He lay motionless in her arms as if he would never wake from his trance.  

It had been sixteen minutes now, since she had found her child there, and still Luther hadn't woken.  His screaming fit sent him into a rage of panic consequently, she found him lying amongst the blood spattered tile.  Three years tread from the mental institution and what did her son have to show for it?  A broken mirror and lacerated years passed and yet to come.  And it really was beginning to be all too much.  Her baby was becoming her fiend.

"Luther!  God-damn you!  Wake up!"  Her fist lay upon his chest.

Eyes springing open, Luther jumped accidentally knocking the medication from her hand.  Stumbling to his feet he tripped over them more than he balanced on them.  Catching his weight on a nearby towel rack Luther allowed his eyes to pierce into his mothers in query.  Reaching up his fingertips connected with the laceration just above his left eyelid that smoothed over his cheek.  "What the hell are you doing?" 

His mother collapsed on the floor, wrapping her arms around her knees she began crying harder.  "You are insane.  I can't control you anymore...."  Her chin rose as she gazed into his irises once again.  "You are not my son.  You're a demon!  I don't want you anymore!  Take you're devils and get out....and please....never come back."

Her whines faded as Luther obeyed her orders.  Racing down the hallway he barely recognized his own bedroom....his own house.  Throwing some things into a messenger bag, Luther let the strap wrap his neck and fall at his hip.  He was leaving, but he didn't know why. Luther's ears perked at the echo of his mother's weeping.  Her sobs were true.  If he didn't know himself anymore, how could he expect his mother to....his own flesh and blood.


Walking briskly down the sidewalk, Luther's heart pound in sync with his footsteps.  What more could he do.  In the circumstances, this was no time for him to be wandering alone, on the empty streets of Fort Lauderdale.  Luther had no idea the time, date, or his own age.  Feeling younger by the minute, he slipped into a diminutive café.  From no where, he was pulled into a booth.

"What are you doing here?"  Lips caressed his lobe as chilled hands teased at his wrist.  And instantly, he recognized the voice.

"Rori?"  He turned swiftly, freeing himself from the bag.

"Yes, it's me.  What in the world do you think you're doing in here?"  Rori kept her voice to a low whisper; Luther had already attracted several eyes.

Obviously, by the apron and the loose pony tail, Rori worked here.  Ignoring her warnings Luther wrapped his arms around her.  "I can't believe it's really you."  He pulled away suddenly.  "And you're hair...its brown." 

"Luther...."  Rori flattened her palms against his cheeks.  "Yes, my hair has been this way for several months.  It was like this when we..."

"Ma'am, can I get some ‘ore coffee over here?"  A trucker raised his hand and bowed it twice to his cup.  

Rori rolled her eyes.  "Lucille, please get him some more coffee.  I'm taking the day off."  Directing her eyes back to Luther she sighed heavily.  "Babe, what have you done to yourself?" 

Luther suddenly felt oppressed.  His hand snatched Rori's from the air as she reached for the laceration on his eye.  "Rori, I need to know exactly how long it's been since I seen you.  I need to know why I'm getting the feeling that we..."

"Were married....don't play games with me Luther.  I know about Kori, yes I know her well.  Last night, after you left...I had the house blessed.  You have some...fiend..."  Rori lashed her fingers out.  "..Haunting you, and true, I want no part of it.  But listen to me, I told you last night that I never wanted to see you again.  Sometimes words speak louder than actions and I'm sorry.  But all the workers here know about our fight and...."

Luther pressed a palm over her swift lips.  "Rori, I don't care about the drama.  Tell me, how you know about Kori."

Rori licked her lips in irritancy.  "We discussed this, and now, I have nothing more to say to you.  If you want answers, why don't you ask the psycho bitch that keeps...?"  The two jumped unsteadily as the trucker beat his fists against the counter, gurgling an order to the waitress.

"No, we haven't discussed this.  I wouldn't lie about this, I'm really blank right now, Ror.  I feel like I have just woken from a coma...and I have no idea how long I was in there."

                Sighing softly Rori wrapped her arms around his neck.  "Luther, I love you...always have."  Ashamed of her tears she hid her face away in the crease of his neck.  Pressing her lips softly against his flesh she murmured words that never left him.  "It's October 13th baby.  Friday, October 13th, today is your birthday."

                Taking her wrists in his hands Luther tried to avoid eye contact.  "Take me home and tell me what I have missed."


The End

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