Heaven (The initial Destination)Mature

Luther awoke, eyes burning in a haze of confusion.  Bloodshot and dry his irises watered as they fought to adjust.  Where am I...first thing on his mind, typical normality.  But that inquiry soon dissipated as Kori crossed his path of sight.

"Get up Luther.  We have to speak with Omega." 

Obeying, wearily he rose.  His body was free of shackles but oppressed by the dense air.  Surprisingly, this utopia weighted greatly upon his shoulders and what appeared to be the sky swept copper.

"Kori, where are we?  Is this another of your games?" 

Lengthy, crimson hair fell against her bare back in turn of her letting it down.  "No Luther..."  She murmured without turning to him.  "This is modern-day Heaven."  Kori turned slowly, pulling her legs upon the mattress while holding a satin sheet against her frame.

"What's going on then?"  Luther suddenly took time to examine their surroundings.  This was more of a hell:  Stained glass windows, hollow room, stone walls and marble floors copper as the sky above, and no privacy like maybe they were encased by a divine cubicle of some sort only it was in the form of a bedroom.  The only color was tinted in the windows and hinted in the furniture.

"Here, put this on."

 Kori extended her arm to him; in her hand she encompassed a cobalt robe.  Skimming her tongue over her lips she defeated eye contact.  This wasn't the Kori he knew, this Kori was beautiful, impeccable, striking.  Luther still couldn't believe his eyes, not only because of where he was but what his eyes feasted upon.

 "It represents who you are..."  She turned away, her jaw as sharp as the brutality in her tone.  "...you are nothing here."

                Luther's eyes continued to scrutinize the immaculate skin she bare before Kori covered herself in the satin cerulean dress.  Those scarlet tresses fell over her shoulders and down her midriff in a loose curl as she stood delicately.

                "Come on, there's little time."  Kori watched as he departed the bed slipping his robe on over his exposed torso before she turned her sapphires to the threshold.

                Wrapping the robe around him, Luther felt like his ripped jeans may be out of place.  Hiding those best he could, he followed Kori away from the confinements.

                Heaven, informally a paradise (at least in detail) was just a hoax.  Heaven appeared more as doomsday...ironically there was a man standing by the iconic barrier, the pearly gates.  And as he skimmed the broad book, some entered and some proceeded down the dusk trail.  Everything seemed to stand off, like tattered pages in a bible.  Nothing felt right, nothing felt elated.....nothing felt amorous.

                But, there was a thrown.  Just as all mighty powers have their thrown, so did God.  Approaching his essence was enough to cause Luther's ears to ring, his heart to pound, and his temples to pulse.  Such a sight was nearly measurable by mortals. 

                Omega, his skin was as gray the lingering dead, just as his eyes.  The intensity of the ashen tresses residing on his shoulders illuminated his irises.  And flowing next to them swift braids drew around his head to line down the nape of his neck.  With a talisman gripped firmly in one hand and the thrown in the other, he rose swiftly with their arrival.

                "My Lord..."  Kori bowed diligently.  "...I have brought to the, as requested, Arik Sechs, Luther."  Kori fell to her knees as Omega cast his eyes upon her.

                "Kori, you have fulfilled your duty.  Tonight, you lay with me, away with you."  The supremacists raised his hand only to shoo her.  "I will speak to my caller in privacy."  From his peripherals, men scattered down the corridor.

                Departing his thrown, Omega entrapped Luther causing the veins in his arms to rise and fall at an incredible rate.  Luther felt as if he would faint, sudden memories were fading.  "Luther, do you know why I have chosen to bring you here?  It's not everyday one breaks the barrier between Heaven and the vicinity you call home."

                "No..." Luther responded, his tone resentful.

                "You will address me by Lord or you will not speak."  The voice scratched Luther's lobe and bit at his drum.

Waving his scepter the sovereign emitted a bright luminosity that in trapped the two, Omega's irises illuminated also.  Milliseconds passed but eternity followed.  His curse gave him complete control over the imprisoned and the plan was for forever.

Luther felt his body numb; his eyes alienated motion....locked on his enemy.  Confusion lingered in his glare as those mauve lips curved.  Without another word his conscience told him to find the shackles, but his actions soon were interrupted.

The copper tile began to deteriorate between the two.  Luther skidded to the other side of the forming gap...without intending to do so. The floor broke and below fire kissed the edges as it spiraled upward.  And from the flames, a figure formed; hooded and obliquely mysterious.  An immaculate robe laced behind the being as rawhide wings dissipated into his torso.  No talisman, just pastel hands laced with rings and a line of black scales wrapping the creature's wrist and adjacent to its diminutive finger.

Hand's rising gradually, the hood was brushed away.  "Lucifer..."  Omega's pupils broadened...his lips parting slightly. 

Lucifer, Hades, Pluto, Dis Pater, Orcus...ᾍδης....whatever the name, had broken through Heaven, no longer bound by his curse. 

"You will give me what I seek."  Lucifer spoke, his voice cold and deep.  His midnight hair strangled him as time elapsed rapidly in his presence, causing the draft....and the sudden aging of the skies.

The copper peeled away, the stained glass faded; cries of agony taunted the barrier of the room as age began its course.

"Leave, you don't belong here."  Omega cast his talisman in Lucifer's direction but Lucifer thrust a hand outward and the shaft of light deceased.

The scales lining the left side of his visage and neck perked as his anger grew.  "I will not!  I will bow to you no longer!  You will hand over the prisoner, or your kingdom shall suffer!"

"Then so be it.  Hades, I have cast you out once, and the will is not behind me nor forgotten."

"Have it your way...but don't reminisce upon where you stand today."

Lucifer spread his wings, raising his arms swiftly he cast them back down and spread them wide as his wings beat pulses through the brisk wind.  Flames spiraled around his person as Lucifer anticipated his departing.  His iris glinted to Luther, and with that he was gone.

Luther, begotten yet in query, wanted to move.  He wanted to find Kori and notify her of the alluring acquaintance with Hades himself.  But, his legs would not move...his mind screamed and ached from the terrible will to do so.  Just as Luther felt motion may endow him, another force took over his body and directed him down the corridor.

"Off with you.  Lucifer will not constrict my powers over you mortals.  I will rain and you shall suffer as long as this dominion prospers.  Luther Sechs Arik, you will never see the end of eternity."  The snarl sounded so far behind him now.  Without turning his back to glare upon his enemy, Luther proceeded down the passage, every thought briefing his command.

"What do I do now?  Where am I going?...Why can't I control myself?"

Entering the cell, Luther slammed the bars to.  Taking the shackles between his palms, Luther tied himself down...physically and mentally once again.  Resting obediently upon the wooden bench he sighed resentfully.  This was his hell now, his resting place.  But never would he rest his head knowing tranquility was just around the bend.  Something struck inside him and Luther knew from now on chaos was his life but for now, a cage was his home. 

Terrifying wails seeped through the stone walls but for once Luther didn't feel delimited.   This obliquity was loneliness in its cruelest form. 

The End

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