The Deceiver in YouMature

Crude awakening, Luther experienced more of those than he'd like.  Stifling the scream teasing at his throat, Luther tore into his own face.  His nails scraped at the immaculate skin surrounding his lips and over his cheeks.  Struggling with his reality was hard enough, being cramped and claustrophobic in the backseat of his mother's car was more than he could take.  Luther attacked himself, more than anything he wanted to rid his memory of Kori, screaming at the top of his lungs caused his chest to tighten in attrition.


By the time Luther had broke skin, his mother was in the backseat fighting off his hands as self mutilation took over.  Frightened and throwing in a rage of panic also, his mother wrapped her arms around his neck and pleaded her baby stop these acts she had never imagined possible.   She was losing her mind just as he was.

"Honey stop!  What is wrong? WHAT IS WRONG WITH YOU!" 

Mentally broken down, Kori was taking everything he had left and fusing it into the psyche of a mad man.  She wanted him to believe he was insane, and sometimes, he believed it more than his own thoughts.  But if he was seeing someone no one else could, then wasn't he truly insane?  No, only in the mind of the atypical American.

Within seconds his attack reached its climax.  Luther's eyes grew dark and he swallowed back his cries.  Calmly, he took his mothers face into his palms.  Delicately he whispered words she would never forget. 

"Mom, I love far away from me." 

"No, Luther, don't say that!"  She wouldn't abide, her consequences were severe.

"Mom!..."  His voice grew strained as he threw his head back and growled deeply.  "GO NOW!" 

Behind Luther's irises, Kori lingered.  She was unhappy with him from earlier and now, her revenge was less than subtle.  She was taking hold of his control over his own mind, like he knew she would. 

"Kill me!  You fucking hate me and I hate you!  Just do it."

Kori set before him, her arms stretched out under his, holding his elbows with all the life she pulled from his body.  Laughing merely she smiled to him and raked away at his reality. 


                Luther tackled his mother.  The two lunged out of the car and into the highway and her son began shredding into her.  Lacerations formed on her skin worse than the ones lining his face.  As she tried to resist, Luther pinned her harder against the asphalt, screaming in her face words of disgust and hatred.

                Bystanders crowded around and struggled to pry Luther away from his mother.  With every blow his mother came closer to unconsciousness.  His mother withered beneath him, tears stained her ruby tarnished face.  Luther felt hands around his arms and embracing his chest as men pulled him away from his mother.  Sweat and blood dripped from his face onto the pavement with a thud.  Suddenly, his eyes widened and Luther let out a pelting scream.  Reality hit him all at once and his eyes took in the vision of others.  She laid unconscious at his feet, his own mother....his flesh and blood.  And again, his mind went insane and he lost control of his actions, his body....his reality.

                Kori leaned into him, the corner of her mouth rising smoothly.  "I told you Lex, I'm not leaving you....never...."


                He hated this, it was the worst part.  Waking up in a white room where Luther felt no emotion, no Kori.  For nearly eight years he had dreamt of a room close to such.  But this time, he felt greater pain than had ever arisen in his dreams.  His mindset: his mother.  His goal:  standing and feeling the sensation of his legs coming to life.  As of right now, Luther felt broken and higher than ever.  Lifting his head slowly just brought his dream farther into his reality.

                "Wh-wha-what?"  Tears streamed over his cheeks as his fingertips spread across the belts strapping him to the table.

                Slamming his head into the table, Luther felt his chest lock with his next breath of air.  The pallid walls around him leaned into his sights from his peripherals.  The room began to swallow him and he resisted the belts.  With every stroke of anger within his torn body, Luther struggled with the restraints. 

                Doctors and nurses piled around him, needles pricked his skin and suddenly, he was out.

                His sights went black.  Suddenly, Luther felt upright, his head still spinning.  Calling out for him mother locked that possibility of a "nightmare" into his mind.  Maybe this was all just some big hallucination, hopefully he was out like a light.  His ears perked as the Zippo flicked open and the fluid brought the flame into his irises, burning them as they adjusted.  The flame danced within inches of his visage.  A lump filled his throat and he swallowed hard, begging for it to pass.

                "What do you want from me, Kori?"

                Those sallow eyes stared at him over the sultry radiance.  Even in near complete darkness, Luther still spotted that smirk permanently smeared across her lips.  Kori raised her hand over the flame and it formed a helix of light and heat.

                "I want you to stop resisting me Lex."  The lighter snapped shut as Kori began inhaling the sweet decadence. 

                Clicking heels sounded against the cold tile and abruptly the room roared to life.  White, no pearly gates, barriers of claustrophobia, and Kori in her best outfit yet: high-heels that laced around her ankles, black tights that cut off at the knee, and an elongated maroon-cotton dress that hugged the essential curves of her body.

                "You know Lex, I really....really want this to work out ya know?"  Kori laid her hands at her sides before pulling the cigarette from between her glossy inherent lips.

                "Hey fuck you, Kori.  I didn't choose to be fucking INSANE!"  Luther brushed his hair back with his hand, glancing around the room, paranoia clogging his thoughts.

                "You are pathetic, you know that?  You can't decide between your reality and your phantasm.  Well I got news for you Lex...."  Kori leaned into his barrier, breaking all resistance between the two.  "...I'm in control of you because toying with you makes my life worth living."

                "What're fucking dead you stupid bitch.  And guess what?"  Luther flattened his palms against her cheeks, fingertips toying behind her ears.  "Don't think for one second you can control me.  I'm not scared of you and your bullshit.  So have me sedated...I will get YOU OUT OF ME!!!"

                "THEN DO IT!"  Kori screamed back at him, rage streaming through her blood.  "But I can't get out of you!  And you can't get rid of me!"

                The two stood, entrapping the presence of the other, interceded embraces on each other forced them to stare strait into the others cold irises.  Tears welled beneath their troubled souls fixating behind the darkness of the pupil.  The luminescence of the fluids glowed as the trail stained their ashen skin.


                From behind the two-way mirror, Luther's mother feasted her eyes upon the malicious mental breakdown of her only son.  Pressing her palm over her tight lips, she wailed and broke into sobs of pain and anger. 

                Luther dropped to his knees on the marble floor, his arms wrapped his torso and his neck cradled the imperceptible shoulder.  Rocking back and forth, his wails seeped through the glass as his face burned with a flood of blazing tears. 

                Merging into his body, Kori felt her spirit adhere to a tepid embrace, and she was no longer....alone.

The End

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