A Reminiscent HauntingMature

Luther perched over his books, scribbling away at the words forming on the ashen pages of his three-subject notebook.  History class was hardly about history, more like The Life and Times of Mrs. Erwhin.  The History report his mom had tantalized him about earlier that morning wrinkled in the clutches of his politically opinionated teacher.  Peaking down through her thin-rimmed glasses, her brow curved with contortion.  Mrs. Erwhin gave a heavy sigh and scowled scribbling a grade in the top margin.

                "Luther Arik, please come to my desk please so we can discuss this morbid report you have turned in and expect me to read."  Pulling the magnifiers from her plump face, Mrs. Erwhin beckoned him with her index finger.

                "Look at this bitch...."  Kori swiveled in the gyrate chair, her converse dangling inches above the granite tile.  "...she's so hung up on events that happened over six years ago and her own opinion that she's gonna chew your ass for not caring.  Pssh, pathetic."

                "Is it really relevant that you chew my ass for an essay that doesn't fit your opinion?"  Luther's eyes struggled to let go of Kori's to watch Mrs. Erwhin's reaction.

                Mrs. Erwhin chocked upon her own words, her breath caught in the back of her throat.  She wasn't used to being stood up too, just being felt sorry for.  Rori shot a face full of revelation in Luther's direction.  The class, matter of fact, was starring in his direction.  Cradled by her own embarrassment, Mrs. Erwhin fixated the round glasses over her fleshy lids and continued her reading.


                "Wow, you really shocked the hell right out of Mrs. PA system today."  Rori braced her books against her chest as the two headed for Weston Street. 

                "Yea, I don't know what made me flip on her." 

Luther grabbed Rori's forearm, pulling her from the on-coming death she was about to walk right into.  The truck honked and veered to the left just as Rori caught her breath.  In Rori's eyes, Luther had flipped the truck off.  In Luther's, Kori was setting on a tool box in the back, flaxen tresses fluttering in the wind as she mocked his notion, grinning widely.

"I hate her."  Luther muttered subconsciously.

"What?"  Rori switched to his left and tried focusing on their feet as light steps brought them to the opposing side of the street.

"Mrs. Erwhin."   The name glided over his lips with ease.  Wrong person, right meaning.

"She really is a whore, Lex.  Why do you talk to her she just begs for your attention like..."

"Kind of like you."  Luther spat to his right.

"Lex?  Are you ok?"  Rori stopped him in the middle of the street dropping her books.  The hands that once framed them wrapped the circumference of Luther's neck.

From his peripherals, Luther spotted the same vehicle, a blank F150, speeding in their direction.  "Ro-..."  His lips parted to warn her; instead the truck eradicated his best friend.  Her ruby blood spattered across his face and stained his clothes, as a token of reminisce.  For moments Luther stood motionless, thoughtless, as reality fought to catch up to him.  Arms bent before him, a sharp cry pierced his lungs as tears welled in his eyes.  Pinching them shut was first instinct, but her forced them open as fear panged him. 

Yards down the street, Rori's blood led a trail to her mangled cadaver.  Heavy heels pounded the asphalt beneath his feet, the truck door slammed and Kori swaggered in his direction.  Her corpse stained in Rori's blood as well, her pallid tank top tattered and torn stained crimson like the blotches covering her blue jeans.  With every step bringing her imminence, her skin transitioned to a lifeless contour amid its discolored splotches of mauve.

Mimicking Rori's embrace of his neck, Kori smiled grimly to him.  "She's a worthless, good for nothing, self-righteous bitch anyway Lex."

Kori's tongue flicked his lips, her pungent saliva tracing his chin as she pulled him into her kiss of death.  There was nothing more fowl than the kiss of mortality.  The fold of her mouth, arctic and sodden but her touch was more chilling than her kiss.  Again, the lacerations formed in her skin as slivers fell from her epidermis slapping the asphalt below.  Luther was unable to stifle his stare as she pulled and sucked at his visage.

And suddenly, Rori's arms were around his neck and she was concluding the kiss of which she had just shared with him.  Her expression was blatantly happy then abruptly perplexed.  Rori pulled away from him suddenly and bent in haste to retrieve her books.

"I'm so sorry, Lex.  I don't know what just came over me."  The girl taunted at their emotions while scavenging around for every paper she had lost in her impetuous act.  "I'm such an idiot for doing that, god, your probably think I'm mentally insane or something.  That was so out of place and I'm..."  Rori cocked her head in his direction still fumbling for her History papers. 

From her lungs exalted a scream piercing her own ears as she stumbled backwards.  Flesh-eaten hands stroked Luther's neck as he stood frozen, face distorted as if he were about to break into tears.  A girl with more flesh wounds on her face than Rori could even figure to count perched over his shoulder.  Her hair was damp with crimson fluid that tainted her arms and hands as well.  The breathing corpse grinned down to Rori before burying her face into his neck.

Luther finally broke into a cry of pain and anger as Kori's fingers taunted his neck.  Rori watched terrified as he screamed heart shattering words into the empty skies above while the girl continued to haunt him. 



Rori's mother caught her daughter in her embrace as she woke from her terrorizing sleep.  Wiping away tears and damp hair from her face she spoke to her baby calmly rocking her back and forth.  "Rori, calm down, baby it was only a dream.  It was just a dream....only a dream...Sshh."

"Mom, oh my god....please don't leave me."  Rori clung to her mother, fingertips bracing her mother's elbows as she buried her face into her shoulder.  "I'm so scared."

"I know baby, I know."  Stroking her hair, her mother could do nothing more than wait on her daughter to calm, her nerves to settle.  As Rori tranquilized, her mother began with short questions.  "Was it a nightmare honey?"

Rori nodded.  How would she explain this to her mother?  It had to be that she was afraid of Mellissa Garret stealing Luther away from her, which was the only explanation that made since.  Even so, the girl in the dream looked nothing like her save the smirk always on her face.  And the dream seemed to, terrifying, to be even remotely connected to that.

The only question was.......

Had Luther seen her too?


The End

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