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"Why don't you try releasing through your art?  It always worked for me.  My parents used to piss me off so badly when they found out I was dating this twenty-year old guy, but I didn't care."

Luther dipped the tip of the brush  into the sinister paint, hanging on to word after word of what Rori was spattering at him as she chewed her gum to quickly to notice.

"Rori, I never said I didn't care..."  He muttered softly briefing her words only for a moment or two.

"Sometimes physical pain is a good release.  You know, like tearing away at your demons."  Her humid skin wrapped his wrist, halting his painting.  "Seems like you've been trying some of that."  Rori's tepid chocolate eyes froze on the spot she clasped.

Luther jerked his arm from her, the black sleeve falling over his pallid skin.  "No, I don't do shit like that.  Those are scars from my dog." 

Do you do that Lex?  I mean, you just let Kori have control over your body and she does what ever it is she pleases.

"Oh, I'm sorry.  I didn't mean to offend you Lex."  Rori paused momentarily.  "So are you going to Home Coming this weekend?"

Rori, the overly-emo, preppy wannabe, was incoherently trying to ask him to go with her.  Home Coming wasn't a date; it was a game with preps in over-priced dresses.  Why was she hinting around?

"Eh, that's not my bag Ror."  Luther tried hard to focus on his painting, but Rori wouldn't shut up and it was too easy to hang on to her agonizing voice.

"Ok, well me either really.  Maybe we could hang out at your place and study for next Friday's chem' test?"

Luther shrugged off the question cueing Rori she was inevitably bothering him.  Rori could catch his hints, she was too afraid to make him upset with her, she wanted his attention...what little he paid her.  This bothered her more than her blonde locks and less than sizeable bust.  Luther was the only guy that ever put up with her ranting and had little to say and not much to gripe about.  For some odd reason, Rori wanted to fit in with him more than any prep in the school.  Blatantly, Rori had no friends, none that treated her like Luther.  Even if he seemed to focus on everything besides her, she knew Luther hung onto every word departing her lips as if it were her last.  His peculiarity psyched her beyond belief when he had once repeated to her an overly dramatic story she had made up to test him, word for word.

"What are you painting?"  Rori's face twisted as she examined the art further.  

Luther glanced over to her, his body heating.  "I think it's you." 

The two studied the paining for several minutes before Rori let out a strained laugh.

"Surely not Lex.  This girl is clearly being martyred by that man....almost as if he wants to....take advantage of her."  Luther heard her swallow that huge lump in her throat just as he did. 

"I like tells a story that ding bat over here could never wrap her tiny mind around."  Kori's arm fell loosely over his shoulder as she propped her elbow upon the table, her chin upon her balled fist.  Her cerulean irises scanned over the painting as she grinned widely.

Luther felt pretentious snickers chime in his ear, that ruby liquid trailed over his scrunched up sleeve as Kori's fingers crept over his left hand. 

"You have beautiful hands Lex; you're a two-sided being.  You're left hand dominates your emotions."  Kori raised his hand to her lips.

Horror spread across his face as Kori took his fingers between her mauve lips.  As her icy saliva trickled over his fingertips, Luther gasped.  Lacerations began to form in her skin and she chortled at the immense pain.  Her scarlet tresses damp with her crimson fluid, stuck to her neck and cheeks like a shirt weighted by water.

"Mr. Arik!  Do you have a question?"

The substitute teacher bellowed towards him, snapping his head in her direction caused him to lose sight of Kori.  Luther's hand landed heavily upon the marble surface.  "No."  He shot his eyes down to the painting before him.  The class suddenly roared to life once more with controlled chatter.

"Can I have this?"  Rori lay a hand on the corner of the parchment, sure not to smear the paint.

"Uh...yea, sure."  Luther stuffed his materials into the desk and pulled his left sleeve down hastily.  His eyes scanned the room, but there was no sign of her anywhere.

"Thanks, it's really deep.  I feel it came from the darkest part of you Lex."  Rori flashed him a smile and pulled the strap of her book bag over her shoulder.  "You ok Lex?"

Luther still felt the weight on his chest as his eyes continued to scan his surroundings in paranoia.    "Yea Ror, I'll be fine."

If there was one thing he was sure of, Luther knew he couldn't live in fear forever.

The End

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