Chapter Eight: Published Answers

It wasn’t until many years later that the Pan family finally received notice that their little boy was alright. But, it wasn’t the type that you would expect. It was not a letter from someone who had seen the flyers or additions in the newspaper, nor was it a visit from the police with the news that they had found him.

Instead, it was a simple trip to the bookstore when Patrick was dying to read a new book by the author J.M. Barrie. There it was, front and center, on the bestsellers rack. Staring back at the Pan family was, in bright and bold letters, the name of their son. Patrick squealed and rushed up to the first copy he saw, grabbing it and jumping up and down. He didn’t understand the pale, frozen glares of his parents as they stared at the book in his hands. The title of the book glowered right back at them in its swishy-font way. They bought three copies that day, one for each of them to read. It took Petra the longest to read it, having constantly to stop and restart countless times, tears stinging her eyes as she attempted to read the words, the resentment of her son plunging deep into her heart. The Pans all wished that this was just another clever story devised by their son under a pseudonym, or that someone had written it for him, but they received no word in regards to what had truly happened.

The End

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