Chapter Five: News

The news of a new member of the family that was to be on his way was quite thrilling, but Peter quickly lost his happiness when he found out that it was a boy. He was the amusing little boy in the house, and nothing was going to change that. His parents began discussing how he could help them out, how this would teach him responsibility…That was the last straw, Peter thought. With a new baby on the way, his parents wouldn’t have time for him anymore. If he wanted to stay young, he couldn’t be forced to do grown-up things for his brother, like helping prepare his bottle, and there was no way that he was changing his diaper. So, he decided to leave. It was only until she was old enough to take care of herself, so then he wouldn’t have to, he thought as he packed up a little hobo sack, filled with snacks and treats.

Patrick Pan was born the same day that Peter had left, so no one noticed the little boy leaving and not returning. Peter was supposed to be spending the days until his parents returned from the hospital with his friend, Thomas, but had actually taken a train all the way to the United States of America. His parents quickly became grotesquely worried, as he had left neither note nor a trace of where he possibly could have gone. Petra and Paul wept for their missing son, putting up flyers and newspaper articles, but were at the same time occupied with their new son.

By the time the newspapers were out and the flyers put up, Peter had been in a little pasture in a part of what is now Manhattan when he was looking up into the night sky and saw a single star shining brighter than the rest. No sooner had he seen it than he heard the vague sound of tinkling little bells. The shrill sound hurt his ears as he looked around, trying to see where it was coming from. At last, he saw a little spurt of glowing light hovering around by a patch of mushrooms near where he was. The closer he moved, the louder the tinkling sound grew. Curious as always, Peter knelt down next to the mushroom and spied a tiny girl with wings.

The End

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